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Fiji troops replaced UN Austrian peacekeepers who fled from the Golan

Nearly 170 Fiji  soldiers to join UNDOF on Israel-Syria border after Austria’s soldiers withdrew before replacements took over.

By Ynet


The United Nations announced Monday that 170 peacekeepers from Fiji will join the UN’s Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) stationed on the IsraelSyria border by the end of the month.

עזבו את הגבול ונכנסו לישראל. נסיגת הכוח האוסטרי (צילום: EPA)

Fiji force to replace Austrians – Photo: EPA

They will be replacing Austrian forces who have pulled out of the area following an escalation in the fighting between Assad’s forces and the rebels.

The Austrian troops left the Golan Heights area last week. Austria’s dramatic decision to withdraw from the area led the UN’s Security Council to harshly condemn the spread of violence to the demilitarized buffer zone. Continue Reading »