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Mass protests force Palestinian Authority to rethink ‘honor killings’

Autocrat Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority pledges to enact legislation to protect women, including the setting of minimum age for marriage as outraged female Arab activists hold mass demonstrations in the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and even as far away as Beirut and Berlin.

By Dima Abumaria, The Media Line


The Palestinian Authority is pledging to enact legislation to protect women and implement a minimum age for marriage by the end of 2019, its Ministry of Women’s Affairs has confirmed, following a wave of rallies in the West Bank against domestic violence.

The impetus for the recent demonstrations and outcries was the death of Israa Ghrayeb of Beit Sahur, near Bethlehem, who was allegedly killed by family members after she was seen in public with a man whom she had agreed to marry. Continue Reading »

Future Palestinian State Will Be Hell For Women


Putting aside Palestinian leadership demands a ‘judenfrei’ state, that will also be harsh on gays, a new survey reveals that the new Palestinian state liberals want to create so badly, will be saturated in honor killings and a haven of assorted human rights abuses against women.

By Israel Today Staff


One of the cornerstone understandings of the original Israeli-Palestinian peace process was that a future Palestinian state would be notably different from the neighboring Muslim Arab authoritarian regimes.

We now know that won’t be the case, and evidence to that effect keeps mounting.

Take women’s rights, for instance.

Currently, Israel is the one place in the Middle East where women enjoy full equality with men. Continue Reading »

10th female in the Abu Ghanem clan falls victim to ‘Honor Killing’


Busan Abu Ghanem, 31, the 10th female in her clan, executed; shot at close range while going to pick up her children.
• Over the last ten years: Victim’s mother was murdered, Victim’s sister, believed to be dead, still missing.

By Shlomi Diaz and Israel Hayom Staff


Ten years after her mother was murdered and six years after her sister was declared missing, Busan Abu Ghanem, a 31-year-old mother of six, was shot to death in Ramle on Saturday. Police suspect that the motive for the murder was an honor killing.

The scene of the murder of 31-year-old Busan Abu Ghanem – Photo: KOKO

Abu Ghanem was shot several times while sitting in a parked car in town.

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Honor killings in Israel puts police in complicated situation

Much too often, Israel is accused of trying to “Judaize” the country and/or interfering in minority societies, when the gov’t steps in to enforce Israeli law & order.

By Israel Today Staff


The recent murder of a 16-year-old Israeli Arab girl by her brother for the sake of “family honor” has many howling at the Israel Police for doing too little to eliminate the phenomenon of so-called “honor killings.”

The murder occurred about three weeks ago, when 24-year-old Ahmed al-Assam slit the throat of his sister, Aisha, following a heated argument about her relationship with another boy.

Aisha had previously moved in with her boyfriend, but had returned home at her parents’ urging, and with promises that she would come to no harm at the hands of her brother. Continue Reading »

Arab Protest in Bethlehem Denounce Uncurtailed Violence Against Women

Dozens of women & rights activists in Bethlehem demanded stricter laws to stop the violence against women.

By Chana Ya’ar


Dozens of women and rights activists in Bethlehem demanded stricter laws to end violence against women.

The crowd demonstrated at the site where a 29-year-old woman was stabbed to death before witnesses in broad daylight just two days earlier by her estranged husband.

Women chanted demands that the government punish those who attack them, and held banners demanding respect for women.

Police said Nancy Zaboun’s husband had beaten her Sunday night, according to the Ma’an news agency. But when officers were called to the scene, they only asked him to sign a pledge not to do it again. Continue Reading »

In Egypt, Honor killings defy attempts at reform

Two murders in Egypt point to persistence of practice that crosses class, religion

Honor killings defy attempts at reform

By Reuters/Mohammed Salem

Sarah, a 23-year-old university graduate from Aswan, recalls the day she heard that her cousin had been killed. “I was at university here in Cairo when my mother called me last summer.” It was months later, but Sarah had rarely spoken about it and tears welled up even as she tried to gather her thoughts and recollections.

“My mom told me that my cousin, who I had grown up with and had played with all the time, had been killed,” she continues. But how and under what circumstances her mother wouldn’t say. Continue Reading »