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Fleeing Hebron, Palestinian siblings want to convert to Judaism

Growing up in a culture of threats, abuse, and honor killings, a Palestinian Muslim teen sought out her half-brother for help, ending up in Israel with him, with both planning to convert to Judaism and joining the IDF.

By Israel National News


Born to the same father but different mothers, Saddam and Sadden Awoudeh were never close growing up.

The two half-siblings, both raised as Muslims in the Palestinian Authority-controlled section of the city of Hebron, were born twelve years apart, and saw little of each other growing up.

Over the last year, however, the two have been brought together – in part by their shared plans to convert to Judaism. Continue Reading »

Palestinians honor terrorist who massacred 38, 13 were children

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said the decision to honor the mass-murderer of Jews, Dalal Mughrabi, was justified since she is a “symbol for the humanistic struggle” against Israel.
– Netanyahu’s spokesperson: “there’s nothing humanistic about you, or her.”



Fatah, the party of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, said that the decision to name a summer camp after Dalal Mughrabi is justified since she is a “symbol for the humanistic struggle” against Israel.

Mughrabi was killed in 1978 after she led eleven Palestinian and Lebanese militants in a killing and hijacking spree within Israel that claimed the lives of 38 Israelis, 13 of them children. Continue Reading »

Poll: Palestinian Arabs prefer terrorism over peace deal with Israel

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, found that a mere 26% of Palestinian Arabs support efforts to establish a peace deal with Israel, while most prefer continuing its “armed struggle,” the cynical euphemism for murdering Jews.

By David Rosenberg


A plurality of Palestinian Arabs support terror attacks against Israelis Jews, while only about a quarter say they support negotiations to resolve the conflict, a new poll shows.

According to the results of a survey released Thursday by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, nearly 40% of Arab residents of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip backed the use of violence against Israelis – called by the euphemism “armed struggle” for the purposes of the poll. Continue Reading »

After Hamas accuses Palestinian of collaborating with Israel, family executes him


Based on claims by Hamas that one of their relatives assisted Israel in locating 3 senior terrorists for elimination during the 2014 Gaza war, the Palestinian family reported on Friday that they had executed him in the city of Rafah, Gaza.

By Elad Benari, Canada


A Gazan family said on Friday it had killed one of its relatives, claiming he had helped Israel track down and kill three senior Hamas terrorists, including one of the man’s own kinsmen.

In a statement quoted by Yediot Aharonot, the family of Ahmed Barhoum said it had shot him in the city of Rafah after they were told by Hamas that he had provided information to Israel. Continue Reading »

Singapore bans Palestinian film as “inflammatory,” causes “disharmony”

Organizers of the film festival in Singapore resonated the same message that Israel’s been claiming for years: ‘Palestinian media incites violence.’

By Israel Today Staf


Israel’s been complaining about ongoing Palestinian incitement to violence (in violation of the so-called “Oslo Accords”) for years. Now, it seems some in the international community are finally catching on to the problem.

PALLYWOOD at work: In attempts at provoking a physical response by the IDF to humiliate the soldiers and officers on social media, 16 yr-old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi slaps, punches and kicks them while family members film the attack. Ahed Tamimi has subsequently been arrested, and is being held for trial. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Palestinian leadership indoctrinate the children to die fighting Israel


If world leaders were really serious about promoting a genuine Israeli-Palestinian peace, they need to pressure Palestinian leaders to prepare future generations for peace, by replacing gov’t sponsored anti-Israel incitement and “martyrdom” adulation, with messages of peaceful coexistence as Israel teaches.

Palestinians Exploiting Children to Fight Israel By Noah Beck


The new Palestinian curriculum for grades 1 to 4 “is significantly more radical than previous curricula,” concludes a new study by Hebrew University’s Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se-se). It “teaches students to be martyrs, demonizes and denies the existence of Israel, and focuses on a ‘return’ to an exclusively Palestinian homeland.” Continue Reading »

$24 million ‘Palestinian museum’ opens – with no exhibits or artifacts


Since the ‘Palestinian’ culture is young, having only been declared in the mid 1960’s, more time will be needed before genuine archaeological exhibits are added.

By Hillel Fendel


The world has long had its absolutely shortest books – “Light Jewish Cuisine,” and “Tips on Courting Israel” by Barack Obama,” to name a couple – but now it has its emptiest museum, and this time for real: The Palestinian Museum of Art, History and Culture – with absolutely nothing in it.

The EMPTY Palestinian Museum – Facebook Page

The museum is actually named the Palestinian Museum, it cost $24 million, and it is scheduled to celebrate its opening today in Birzeit, just outside Ramallah (and Beit El). Continue Reading »

3 Palestinians arrested: More Jewish History Being Stolen by Palestinians


The 12-centimeter high sculpture of King Herod’s lover Mariamne, also known as Miriam in Hebrew, valued at nearly a million dollars, was confiscated by the Palestinian Authority who claim it as ‘Palestinian culture’.



The Palestinian Preventive Security Services (PPS) arrested Monday night three Palestinians who tried to smuggle an ancient statue of King Herod’s lover from the West Bank city of Tulkarm into Israel.


A statement released by the PPS following the incident read: “Based on intelligence information, security forces burst on Sunday into a home in Zeita, a village in north Tulkarm, and carried out a complicated security operation, during which they arrested three archaeologists and confiscated the statue.” Continue Reading »

WATCH:Palestinian cleric teaches husbands to beat their wives, but don’t make them ugly


view videoPA mufti of Gaza on official TV teaches men that one should not beat their wife so badly that the police intervene to protect her.

By David Rosenberg


Hit her, but don’t make her ugly.

That’s the message of an official Palestinian Authority (PA) television show in Gaza teaching Muslim men how to keep their wives “in line,” as translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

“When she makes a mistake,” explains the PA Mufti of Gaza, Hassan Al-Laham, “he will explain: you shouldn’t do this and that.” After this warning stage, advises the Mufti, men should “separate” from their wives until they change their behavior. Continue Reading »

UNESCO Chief Slams Palestinian Attempt to Hijack Jewish Holy Site as Muslim


UNESCO Director-General issues formal statement ‘deploring’ Palestinian initiative proposed by Arab states, to claim Judaism’s Kotel as part of Al-Aqsa compound saying it “undermines UNESCO’s mandate and efforts.”

By Ari Soffer



In what could be a crucial development, the head of UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has issued a statement roundly condemning the Palestinian Authority bid to claim the Kotel (Western Wall) as a Muslim site.

Jews worship at the Kotel (Western Wall) – Reuters

In a statement issued Tuesday afternoon, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova urged Organization members to reject the proposal, which she said threatened to “incite tensions.” Continue Reading »

While Daddy is Instigating Religious War On Jews, Son Yasser Abbas Sips Alcohol in Nightclub


In a video taken at Dubai nightclub that surfaced on social media recently, millionaire son of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas appears to be more stimulated watching belly dancers and drinking alcohol than getting involved in his country’s affairs.

By Daniel Siryoti & Israel Hayom Staff


As Palestinian terror wave against Israel continues, it looks like Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ son, Yasser, is less interested in the current crisis than in living it up it Dubai.

Continue Reading »

Palestinians Claim Ownership of Judaism’s ‘Western Wall’ at UNESCO


The proposal, likely to pass due to Muslim majority in the UNESCO Executive Council, will have Judaism’s Kotel (a.k.a. Western Wall or Wailing Wall in English) renamed Buraq Plaza, and incorporated as part of Islam’s Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

By Ari Yashar


In an attempt to gain international legitimacy for its rewriting of history, the Palestinian Authority (PA) will submit a resolution to UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) next week claiming the Kotel (Western Wall) as its own.

The proposal calls to have the Kotel in Jerusalem – which is an outer wall of the Temple Mount that is the holiest site in Judaism – recognized as part of Al-Aqsa Mosque located on the Mount, reports Yedioth Aharonoth on Friday. Continue Reading »

Founder of Palestinian movement worked with Nazis in WWII

Whenever the war of annihilation against Israel has threatened to die out, as it did after Israel’s victory in her 1948 War of Independence, or again after Israel’s peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan, it has been the Palestinian national movement that has reignited it through its relentless campaign to demonize Israel and slaughter her citizens.



During a debate at Arizona State University against anti-Israel Israelis of the far left, I told the story of Haj Amin al-Husseini, founder of the Palestinian national movement and protégé of Adolf Hitler. Seeing heads shake in disbelief, I challenged those who doubted these facts to Google it. Continue Reading »

Australian group: Gaza’s Palestinians delight in the ‘worst case of animal cruelty’ in history


Barbaric video exhibits cattle imported from Australia being tortured on streets of Gaza, with bystanders participating, filming & cheering.



Shocking footage of cattle exported from Australia being tortured and killed in the streets of Gaza is being described by an Australian animal rights group as the worst animal cruelty case it has ever seen in the live export industry, The West Australian news reported Thursday.

Animal cruelty in Gaza

Animal cruelty in Gaza – Photo by Screenshot/Animals Australia

Footage compiled by Animals Australia shows bulls being “knee-capped by a man armed with an assault rifle, another stabbed in the eye and other having their throats hacked open in the streets.” Continue Reading »

Palestinians win their 1st Emmy with ‘5 Broken Cameras’

Emad Burnat, from the village of Bil’in, who co-directed the Oscar-nominated film with Israel’s Guy Davidi, is the 1st Palestinian to have won an Emmy.



The Oscar-nominated film “5 Broken Cameras,” a chronicle of Palestinian nonviolent resistance co-directed by Palestinian Emad Burnat and Israeli Guy Davidi, nabbed the best documentary award at the 41st annual International Emmy Awards.

Palestinian director Emad Burnat with his best documentary Emmy.

Producer Christine Camdessus and Palestinian director Emad Burnat with their best documentary award during the 41st International Emmy Awards in New York, November 25, 2013. – Photo: Reuters

Burnat said he is the first Palestinian to win an Emmy. Continue Reading »