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Turkish report: Ankara discussed Naval Invasion into Israeli Waters

Turkish newspaper article reveals details of secret high-ranking meeting hours before the Mavi Marmara flotilla to Gaza incident, where the possibility of war with Israel was considered.

By Ege Berk Korkut


A Turkish newspaper has released details of a high-level meeting of the country’s military leaders, in which the Turkish government had considered sending warships into Israel as a military escort for the Mavi Marmara flotilla – and the possibility of triggering a war with the Jewish state as a result.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – Reuters

On May 31 2010, nine Turkish Islamists were killed on the flotilla after violently attacking IDF soldiers, during an attempt to break Israel’s naval blockade on the terrorist group Hamas-enclave Gaza. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem Offers Turkey $20 Million Compensation for Mavi Marmara Incident

Compensation negotiations advancing over 2010 incident in which IHH sponsored flotilla attempted to illegally break Israel’s blockade on Gaza’s terror group Hamas.

By Ari Yashar


Israel has offered to pay $20 million in “compensation” to the families of Turkish citizens killed during the 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla, which tried to illegally break the IDF blockade on the terror group Hamas in Gaza. Nine Turkish Islamists were killed as they violently attacked IDF soldiers who boarded their ship.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu formally apologized to Turkey last March for the soldiers‘ use of force in saving their own lives. Continue Reading »

IHH designated as a terror group by most – not the U.S.


Turkey’s based IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has already been blacklisted as a terrorist group by the Netherlands, Germany and Israel, yet Obama’s administration has failed to take similar action.

By John Rossomando, IPT News



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Turkey no longer protecting IHH: Sends police to detain members over Al-Qaida links


IHH, the Turkish aid organization behind the Gaza-bound flotilla & Mavi Marmama in 2010, reports storage facility near Syrian border was searched & employee was taken away by Police.



Turkish media said police have carried out raids in six Turkish cities, detaining several people allegedly linked to Al-Qaida, including an employee of a prominent Islamic charity.

Mavi Marmara

A crowd greets the Mavi Marmama, the lead ship of the ‘Gaza flotilla,’ upon its return to Istanbul, Dec. 26, 2010. – Photo: AP

The aid organization, IHH, confirmed Tuesday that its storage facility near the Syrian border was searched and an employee was detained. Continue Reading »

IHH Flotilla Group Condemns Egypt for Gaza Suffering

Turkey’s IHH, sponsors of the infamous & deadly 2010 Gaza flotilla, has a new enemy – Egypt.

By David Lev


An international anti-Israel group that has sponsored several flotillas to Gaza is now taking aim at Egypt, accusing the new government there of imposing a blockade on the area.

flotilla ship – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Office

Since the deposing of President Mohammed Morsi by the Egyptian army, Egyptian soldiers have cracked down hard on the Muslim Brotherhood – arresting scores, including most of the movement’s leadership, routing Islamists in Egypt’s large cities and pursuing them into the Sinai Peninsula.  Continue Reading »