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IMF Predicts Israel’s Economic Growth at 3.5% for 2015


The International Monetary Fund forecast at 3.5% is more optimistic than Bank of Israel’s, which predicts the economy will grow 3% for 2015, but Bank of Israel predicts a lower unemployment rate.

IMF forecast a 1.6% inflation rate in 2014 & even less than 2% for 2015.

By Zeev Klein


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IMF reports of PA’s ‘increasingly precarious’ fiscal sustainability

The Int’l Monetary Fund (IMF) calls for immediate action to assist Palestinian Authority close its huge budget deficit.

“Domestic sources of financing are drying up … Left unchecked, these trends will ultimately lead some to question the legitimacy of the PA.”

By Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


The Palestinian Authority’s fiscal situation is “increasingly precarious,” the International Monetary Fund warned on Thursday.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. In the past few months, the PA has failed to pay full salaries to its 160,000 employees in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. – Photo: Reuters

The IMF called for urgent action to help it close a gaping budget deficit and to stabilize the economy.

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IMF: Palestinians may face cuts without more aid

Report estimates financing gap of about $500 million, urges PA to cut expenditures; Aid donors meeting in Brussels next week


WASHINGTON – The International Monetary Fund on Saturday urged donors to meet their aid pledges to the Palestinian Authority, warning that unless funding was forthcoming it would be forced to cut public wages and social benefits to address a deepening fiscal crisis.

The IMF said the aid-dependent Palestinian economy had entered a “difficult phase” with a severe liquidity crunch worsening since last year due to a drop in aid from Western backers and wealthy Gulf states and Israeli restrictions on trade.

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