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Israeli First: 2017 exports expected to surpass $100 billion

With a 5% rise in total exports of goods & services world-wide in 2017, Israeli exports to the EU increased by 20%.
• Industrial & agricultural exports up from 2016, but diamond industry down.

By Danielle Roth-Avneri & Israel Hayom Staff


Israel’s annual exports of goods and services are expected to exceed $100 billion for the first time when the final figures for 2017 come in, according to a preliminary report by the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute and the Economy and Industry Ministry.

The export total for 2017 is expected to be 5% higher than in 2016.

The Port of Haifa, the business district of the city and Carmel mountain – Photo: Wikimedia, Zvi Roger/Haifa Municipality

According to the preliminary report, exports of goods and services, excluding startup technology and diamonds, increased to $92 billion in 2017, up 6% from 2016. Continue Reading »

Israel & Jordan launch joint Jordan River industrial zone project


Tender issued to construct bridge across Jordan River that would connect new industrial zones on both sides of the river in binational project.

By Calcalist


Israel has issued a tender for the construction of a new bridge across the Jordan River which would connect it with its neighbor from the east, the Ministry for Regional Cooperation said Sunday.

The Jordan River – Photo: Avihu Shapira

The bridge will be part of the “Jordan-gate” project, which will see the establishment of a joint industrial zone between the two countries.

The tender was issued through the Valley of Springs Regional Council in northern Israel, on whose land the industrial area will be built. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Wine Industry Leaving Italy & France in the Dust

Eli Poch, the CEO of the Jerusalem Wine Club, says the Israeli wine industry has advantages that are allowing for unparalleled growth.

By Gedalyah Reback


In 1987, the Golan Heights Winery won Israeli wines their first major international award in competition with the 1984 Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 1984 at the International Wines & Spirits Competition in London. Eli Poch, the Founder and CEO of the Jerusalem Wine Club and proprietor of the Club’s full-service wine shop in Efrat, says the industry has never looked back.

Grapevines for wine- Photo: JerusalemWineClub.com

In the nearly 30 years since the industry was revitalized by that one award, the number of wineries has gone from a handful to between 250 and 400.

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#BDSFail: Multi-national leaders report no impact from BDS

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Israeli industries targeted by low taxes from Palestinian Authority

Factory owners explain how the PA deliberately cuts taxes so that Israeli industries can’t compete.

‘Bennett must intervene before we become totally dependent on the PA.’

By Maayana Miskin


Israeli factory owners in the textile and furniture industries have called on Minister of Economics and Trade Naftali Bennett to tax Palestinian Authority-area goods in order to save Israeli industry.

Despite its reported financial crisis, the PA is deliberately taking in less tax income than it could in order to hurt Israel, says factory owner Shaul Ben-Yosef, who spoke to Arutz Sheva.

Israeli factories are currently forced to compete with PA factories – a competition that is heavily biased in the PA’s favor, he said. Continue Reading »