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Israel offers Iranian journalist asylum in Israel

Responding to a request by the Jerusalem Journalists Association, Israel’s Interior Minister commented, “This is a journalist whose life is in real danger, only because of writing columns on an Israeli news website.”

By Mordechai Sones


Interior Minister Aryeh Deri responded to a request by the Jerusalem Journalists Association and the National Journalists Association to approve entry into Israel of Iranian journalist Nada Amin, who writes for the Times of Israel.

Israel’s Interior Minister Aryeh Deri – Photo: Wikipedia

Amin is currently in Turkey, where she fled from Iran three years ago. Turkey has already announced that she will be deported in coming days from Turkey to Iran, where she is expected to be sentenced to death. Continue Reading »

Between Lebanon & Syria, Jerusalem decides to renovate Galilee bomb-shelters


As IDF determined the main area under threat of enemy missiles are the communities located up to 25 miles from Israel’s border with Lebanon, public bomb-shelters are to be renovated in 21 municipalities and local authorities, at a sum expected in the tens of millions of shekels.

BY Lilach Shoval


The defense establishment plans to renovate hundreds of public shelters in northern Israel, especially in communities located up to 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Israeli-Lebanese border.

Hezbollah rockets exploding in Israel’s Upper Galilee – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The plan, set to begin this summer and conclude by the summer of 2018, will cost tens of millions of shekels and include 21 municipalities and local authorities, a defense official familiar with the issue said Saturday. Continue Reading »

Renewed interest of Palestinians seeking Israeli citizenship in Jerusalem


Israeli officials: With the path to citizenship having always been open, Interior Ministry notes renewed interest in formal requests, with those applying citing pragmatism as their reason.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


More Palestinians in east Jerusalem are applying for Israeli citizenship in hopes of swapping their vulnerable status as mere city residents for the rights and ease of travel that come with an Israeli passport.

But after long touting its offer of citizenship to them, Israel is now dragging its feet in granting it, said those who track Palestinian applicants. Lawyers said their Palestinian clients now wait months for an appointment with the Interior Ministry and an average of three years for a decision. Continue Reading »

773 ‘asylum seekers’ left Israel in January for cash payment


Israel’s Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar reports a dramatic rise in the number of migrant ‘asylum seekers’ who preferred to accept the gov’t offer, and left Israel for the cash payment.

By Omri Efraim

More than 700 asylum seekers left Israel under the “voluntary emigration” program in January, said Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar on Wednesday during a visit to the Holot detention center.

Human rights organizations criticize the government program claiming it is not “voluntary emigration” when the only other alternative to staying in Israel is incarceration.

The January figure of 773 asylum seekers who exited the country is substantially higher than the overall numbers from the fourth quarter of 2013. Continue Reading »

Undocumented mother unable to register her newborn son


Dalia, a Black Hebrew Israelite from Dimona, cannot register her newborn son with Interior Ministry since she was never registered herself.

In the meantime, undocumented newborn baby cannot receive state medical attention.

By Mati Siver

Dalia Mor-Wit, 20, who was born and raised as part of the Black Hebrew Israelite community in Dimona, has lived her entire life without an identification card. As far as the state is concerned, she does not exist.

Dalia, Yaniv with neworn Liel-Hilay (Photo: Yisrael Yosef)

Dalia, Yaniv with neworn Liel-Hilay – Photo: Yisrael Yosef

Last month, she gave birth to her first child, a son named Liel-Hilay. But authorities refused to register the baby. Continue Reading »