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Both of the Youths Beaten by Illegal Workers – Arrested

2 youths were beaten by infiltrators who were following a girl. At least that was the story 10 days ago. Police now report the victims are in fact the attackers.

By Gil Ronen


Police have reportedly arrested the Jewish two youths who were badly beaten by illegal workers ten days ago in a southern Tel Aviv neighborhood.

Itamar Cohen By  Itamar Cohen

Itamar Cohen By Itamar Cohen

One of the two youths got out of their car when they saw two workers following a woman, and offered the woman a ride.

Chen Yadegar, a friend of the youths, who all attend the same high school in Tel Aviv, told Arutz Sheva that at that point, two other foreign workers materialized, and all four threatened they would “rip his eyes out,” and even kill him, if he “interfered,” Chen said. Continue Reading »

400 Police officers raid criminals’ homes in Negev

6 guns, 2 rifles, 5 stolen vehicles, $82,000 in cash, 420 gas balloons & IDF bullet-proof vests seized in one of Southern Police District’s biggest-ever raids.

Ilana Curiel


At the crack of dawn on Wednesday, over 400 police officers raided the homes of suspected weapons and stolen property-holders in the Negev. This was one of the biggest campaigns known to the Southern Police District.

Chief Yoram Halevi (L) – Photo Southern District Spokesman

Chief Yoram Halevi (L) – Photo: Southern District Spokesman

The raid occurred in a number of Bedouin towns and in the surrounding area. Throughout the campaign, five stolen vehicles, NIS 300,000 ($82,000) in cash, six guns, two rifles, 420 purportedly stolen gas balloons and IDF bullet-proof vests were discovered. Continue Reading »

Booming Business gets Babes Busted

Police arrest woman known as the ‘Jezreel Valley madame’, suspected of running a number Afula brothels.

Her booming business caused complaints followed by a police raid over weekend.

By Yisrael Moskovich


A woman in her 50s was arrested over the weekend for allegedly running a prostitution ring in Afula, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.

Brothel ring

Brothel ring – Photo: Shutterstock

The woman, nicknamed “Jezreel Valley madame,” has has been convicted several times but never jailed, and allegedly kept operating her business, lately even expanding it.

The woman is suspected of renting three Afula apartments and using them as brothels, each apartment housing several prostitutes, with a man stationed outside to watch out for the police and alert those inside in case of a raid. Continue Reading »

Car exploses in Tel Aviv, 2 people wounded

Police Investigators believe explosion is criminal assassination attempt.

Car exploded as it was driving on Ben Zvi Road.

By Yaniv Kubovich


One person was seriously wounded and another moderately hurt on Saturday evening when an explosion occurred in a car driving on Ben Zvi Road in Tel Aviv, near the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine.

car bomb in Tel Aviv

The car that exploded in Tel Aviv. – Photo by Tomer Appelbaum

Though an investigation is still in its early stages, experts believe the incident was a criminal assassination attempt. Police have begun scanning the scene for evidence.

A month ago, a car exploded in central Tel Aviv, wounding at least seven people. Continue Reading »

BREAKING NEWS: 4 Wounded as Car Explodes in Tel Aviv

VIDEO: Car explodes in Tel Aviv’s old north, at least four people wounded

Bomb appears to have been detonated by a motorcylist nearby

breaking news


A car exploded in Tel Aviv’s old north early Thursday afternoon, after a bomb was apparently detonated by a motorcyclist nearby. At least four people were wounded, and were being treated by paramedics at the scene.

An initial investigation indicated that the bomb, which targeted a Mazda on Jabotinsky Street, was criminally linked and not related to terrorism.

The car burst into flames immediately after the blast. A nearby bus empty of passengers was also hit in the blast. Continue Reading »

U.S. citizen kills worker at Eilat hotel, then killed by police

The New Yorker, in his twenties, was working at the Leonardo Club Hotel as part of a program affiliated with Masa Israel Journey, for U.S. youth in Israel.

A 33-year-old Eilat hotel worker was killed on Friday morning by a gunman who stole a firearm from a security guard at the Leonardo Club Hotel in the southern city, and opened fire.

Police outside the Leonardo Club Hotel in Eilat.

Police outside the Leonardo Club Hotel in Eilat. – Photo by Jacky Poms

The shooter, a 23-year-old American citizen from New York, also an employee of the hotel, was later killed by police during an exchange of gunfire. Continue Reading »