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UPDATE: Jordan lodges complaint against Israel’s new Ramon International Airport

The new airport’s air strip is slated to open January 22 and is 18 kilometers (11.2 miles) away from the Kingdom’s border. Close to Israeli’s southern resort town of Eilat, the modern airport is expected to become a major regional transport hub.
– WATCH: PM Netanyahu speaks directly with Ramon International Airport control tower as first inbound flight prepares to land.

By i24NEWS


Jordan protested the opening of a new international airport just kilometers away from its border with Israel, local media reported on Sunday.

The Jordanian government has expressed concerns about the Ramon international airport as early as 2015. Continue Reading »

Israel’s new Ramon Int’l Airport opens Eilat to European tourists

The Israeli resort town of Eilat hopes the opening of the $500 million Ramon International Airport, scheduled to become operational in October, will attract a million foreign visitors a year of the annual capacity of 2.5 million passengers it can handle.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


Once almost lost to international tourism, the Israeli resort of Eilat hopes a new airport will attract a million foreign visitors a year by 2025, with eastern Europeans especially offering growth for the winter holiday season.

International tourist arrivals in Israel hit a record 3.6 million last year, pumping $5.5 billion into the economy. Continue Reading »

Eilat enters competition with Tel Aviv, Jerusalem to host 2019 Eurovision

Hoping to host the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, Israel’s Southern most city plans to submit an ambitious bid, focusing on the resort town’s unique infrastructure and new airport.

By Raz Israeli


As Israeli authorities begin looking for a venue for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, the southern resort city of Eilat is stepping up its efforts to be chosen as the host.

Israel won the right to host next year’s Eurovision after Israeli singer ‎Netta Barzilai won the 2018 pop contest ‎in Lisbon, Portugal, ‎with her catchy techno-dance tune “Toy.” ‎

Israel has hosted the event twice before in Jerusalem, in 1979 and 1999. Continue Reading »

Sweden to resume directs flights to Eilat after 15 year break


Some 15 years after Swedish airline SAS ended their direct flights from Stockholm to the Red Sea resort town because of the 2nd Intifada, the route is reopening as Israel’s Tourism Ministry and Eilat hotels are offering incentives to airlines to fly in tourists.

By Ronit Zilberstein


Decades ago, Swedes used to enjoy escaping from their long, cold winter with a direct flight to the southern Israeli resort town of Eilat, where they often would spend some time soaking up the sun as the first stop en route to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

That came to an end when direct flights from Sweden to Eilat ended some 15 years ago, because of the Second Intifada. Continue Reading »

Escalation in the Sinai: ISIS fires 2 more rockets into Israel


IDF confirms 2 rockets fired from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula landed in the Eshkol Regional Council of southern Israel, with no injuries or damages reported.
– Latest round of launches come after ISIS reported five of its fighters were killed by an IDF drone on Saturday.

By Yoav Zitun


Two rockets were fired from the Sinai Peninsula and landed in open space in Israel on Monday morning, the IDF reported.

Part of an exploded rocket found – Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit

The rockets landed in the Eshkol Regional Council, according to an initial statement released by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. Continue Reading »

Iron Dome intercepts 3 of 4 Sinai rocket fired at Eilat




WATCH Iron Dome intercepting rockets heading towards Eilat, allowing the fourth to land in an open area.


By Elad Benari


Sirens were sounded on Wednesday night, shortly before 11:00 p.m., in the resort city of Eilat and in the Eilot Regional Council.

Residents in the area reported hearing explosions immediately after the sirens.

The IDF confirmed that three rockets were fired from Egypt towards Eilat and that the Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted them.

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Jordan official worried Eilat’s new Ramon Int’l Airport will hurt its tourism

Israel assures Jordan that its concerns that the new Eilat area airport may cause disruptions to its air corridors, due to close proximity to King Hussein Int’l Airport north of Aqaba, pose no safety risks, since Israel will abide by ICAO regulations.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


A new airport planned by Israel near its border with Jordan is clouding the usually businesslike relationship the two neighbors have built since making peace in 1994.

Due to open next April, Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport at Timna will be 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Jordan’s King Hussein International Airport. They will serve Eilat and Aqaba, the adjacent Israeli and Jordanian resort cities on the Red Sea. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Eilat’s new int’l airport to become operational Passover 2017


view videoThe ultra-modern, $436.5 million new Ramon International Airport will replace the current airport in downtown Eilat, with the first commercial flights expected to take place in spring 2017.

By Ilan Gattegno and Israel Hayom Staff


Construction of the runway has finished and the first test flights are scheduled to take place at the new Ramon International Airport, in the Arava Desert next to Timna 19 kilometers (11.8 miles) north of Eilat, in three weeks’ time. The first commercial flights are expected to begin in the spring of 2017.

The total cost of the new airport is estimated to be around NIS 1.7 billion ($436.5 million). Continue Reading »

Israel cultivates Russian tourists after airliner downing over Sinai & Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighterjet


Tourism Minister Yariv Levin mentioned how the “Russian tourists in Israel really feel at home and can ask, talk & receive information in Russian without any problem.”
• New campaign advertises historical tours alongside beach and leisure resorts.

The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


Israel is launching a campaign to attract Russian tourists, marketing the country as an alternative to Turkey and Egypt, Israeli tourism officials said Thursday.

The southern Israeli resort town of Eilat – Photo: Sasi Horseh

The campaign was prompted in part by the recent bombing of a Russian airliner over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane that it claimed strayed into Turkish airspace. Continue Reading »

Report: ISIS-linked terrorists in Sinai threaten to attack Eilat “in the coming days”

According to Egyptian media, Islamist terrorist group uses Facebook to gather volunteers for an attack on Israel’s southern ‘vacation city’ “in the coming days.”



Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula linked to the radical Islamic State group reportedly threatened Thursday to strike the port in Israel’s southern city of Eilat “in the coming days,” according to Egyptian media.

ISIS militant – Photo: REUTERS

According reports, the Islamist group Sinai Province, formerly knows as Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, “threatened to strike the Eilat Port, following coordination with Islamic State’s wing in the Gaza Strip.”

“ISIS [Islamic State] will begin operations against Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip,” the Egyptian reports added. Continue Reading »

Eilat Oil Spill Accident, Not ‘Foul Play’

As Israel struggles to contain 1,000 cubic meters of spilled oil caused by car accident, its fumes cause 80 Jordanians with trouble breathing to seek medical care.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A major pipeline leak has caused oil to gush into the Arava desert in southern Israel threatening a protected nature reserve, officials said Thursday, as roughly 80 people over the Jordanian border sought medical care due to the fumes.

The incident took place roughly 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the Red Sea resort city of Eilat and 500 meters (yards) from the border with Jordan, closing the Arava highway from north of Eilat up to Ketura Junction.

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Eilat hotels looking for Jordanians to fill needed jobs

Proposal for Jordanian manpower is meant to address an acute shortage of hotel workers that has left the tourism sector on the verge of collapse, report hoteliers.


A proposal in the works would allow hotels in Eilat to hire up to 1,500 workers from neighboring Jordan, amid a shortage of hospitality employees in Israel’s southernmost city.

Eilat workers

African migrants at work in an Eilat hotel. Since the dismissal of thousands of African employees, the resort city has had an acute shortage of manpower. – Photo: Olivier Fitousi

Tourism Minister Uzi Landau and Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar intend to hand the proposal to the cabinet on Sunday.

Continue Reading »

Israel Environmentalists Decree Eilat Railroad ‘A Big Waste of Money’

Environmental & civic groups have written to Israel’s Finance Minister, asking him to freeze further steps for construction of a rail line to Eilat.

By Moshe Cohen


Environmental and civic groups have written to Finance Minister Yair Lapid, asking him to freeze plans for construction of a rail line to Eilat. The groups say that the cost of the electric train line could reach NIS 30 billion ($700 million) – money that could be better spent on urban projects that will be less damaging to the environment.

High-speed trains - IsraelandStuff/PP

Will Eilat have high-speed trains? – IsraelandStuff/PP

The groups say that the line will serve only about 3 million people a year, and will constitute a hazard for desert animals, who may be injured or killed by the high-speed trains traversing the Negev desert. Continue Reading »

IDF deploys Patriot missile battery near Eilat


Israel’s Air Defense Command replaces outdated Hawk anti-missile missile defense with upgraded American Patriot missile interceptor.

By Yoav Zitun


A Patriot missile battery was deployed near Eilat in mid-April, as part of an IDF plan to assure permanent protection of the resort city’s sky. Deployed by the Air Defense Command of the IAF, the new Patriot battery replaced the aging Hawk anti-missile platform which was permanently deployed in the area.

Patriot battery near Eilat (Photo: Meir Ochion)

Patriot battery near Eilat – Photo: Meir Ochion

The new Patriot battery includes an advanced radar system; it is expected to provide a strategic response to ballistic missiles, enemy warplanes, and attack UAVs. Continue Reading »

Strong Winds Uproot Palm Trees in Eilat injuring 3


Unusually strong winds downed Palm trees crushing vehicles & smashing through walls leaving one woman & 2 children injured.

By Meir Ohayon


Vehicles and homes in Eilat sustained significant damage Sunday morning from heavy winds which battered the seaside resort. Three lightly injured patients checked into the Yoseftal Medical Center in the city for further treatment. One woman was hurt by a falling tree, while two children were struck by flying debris.

(Photo: Eilat Police)

Photo: Israel Police

Traffic police closed off roadways blocked by fallen trees, while the local fire department worked diligently to clear the streets. Heavy traffic was noted on Route 90 near the city’s many resort hotels; visitors to Eilat vacationing in camping areas for the holiday weekend were forced to take down their tents. Continue Reading »