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Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo open’s door to capital’s first huge aquarium


Zoo director Shai Doron hopes the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo’s new aquarium, which took 8 years to build, will educate visitors with their 33 tanks housing hundreds of species, on the need to preserve marine life and its habitats.

Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo has inaugurated the city’s first aquarium, which displays hundreds of species of marine life from the Mediterranean and the Red seas.

The 7,000 square-meter aquarium, which took eight years to build and cost 100 million shekels ($284 million), opened to the media on Monday and is due to open to the public soon. Continue Reading »

Panda diplomacy hits Israel: China inspects Haifa zoo as possible new home

The Chinese pandas chief visited Israel last week with a huge 200-man business delegation, to determine if the Haifa zoo is Panda-worthy. Watch adorable video.


Following a diplomatic tradition going back millennia, China will be gifting Israel with two giant pandas, if it decides that the conditions in the Haifa zoo meet the animals’ needs.

Four-month old panda babies playing at Atlanta Zoo, December 12, 2013.

Four-month old panda babies playing at Atlanta Zoo, December 12, 2013. – Photo: Reuters

The delightful duo, which are actually a primitive species of bear, would be the latest to travel further to China’s “Panda Diplomacy,” a policy first employed by the Empress Wu Zetian in the year 658 AD to charm the Japanese emperor Temmu. Continue Reading »

Nice Kitty: Israeli Zoo Uses Acupuncture on Sick Tiger

Holistic medicine professional tries acupuncture on sedated Pedang, a 14 yr-old tiger, suffers who from chronic ear infection

Tel Aviv Zoological Center: This is the 1st time Chinese medicine is used on an animal, antibiotics failed to cure the infection.

By Zeev Klein

Veterinarians are trying acupuncture to cure a Sumatran tiger at an Israeli zoo. Continue Reading »