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Russia Perfected Disinformation Ages Ago, Against Israel

Putin’s KGB training hasn’t gone to waste. His disinformation campaign while invading Ukraine appears much more effective than his generals’ battle plans... just as the KGB’s invented ‘Palestinian narrative’, when they created a people who never existed.

By Ziva Dahl


Amnesty International recently released a widely debunked report of recycled false accusations of racism (apartheid) against Israel. Few will read this diatribe, but collaborators will gladly headline it in mainstream media and spread these lies to millions on social media.

This follows the December 2021 U.N. vote to fund a permanent special commission devoted solely to delegitimizing the Jewish state as a perpetrator of war crimes and human rights abuses against Palestinian Arabs. Continue Reading »


This succinct but articulated chronology of the Palestinian narrative clearly explains why the Palestinian leadership have always bolted from EVERY attempt to end the Israel-Arab conflict, and how, under the tutelage of the KGB, they adopted the invented narrative that the Palestinians are a ‘people’.

When thousands of released KGB documents became available with the collapse of the USSR, the Palestinian leadership panicked.
Now, anti-Zionist activists are trying to keep their real origin from the public, of how the ‘Palestinian People’ were invented by the KGB during the Cold War to disrupt American foreign policy and keep the Mid-East unstable for the expansion of Soviet influence. Continue Reading »

EXPOSED: KGB operated MKs, IDF Maj-General and Shin Bet officer in Israel


Thousands of secret documents smuggled to the UK by a former KGB archivist reveal the USSR’s intelligence agency’s agents acting as KGB spies in Israel, including 3 MKs, a Shin Bet officer and a Major General, who was a member of the IDF’s General Staff.

By Ronen Bergman


Three MKs, senior IDF officers—including a major general—engineers and employees working on classified military projects, and intelligence officers were just a handful of the agents and assets the KGB operated in Israel, according to secret documents obtained by Ynetnews.


These secret documents were copied over the course of nearly 20 years and smuggled to the West in the early 1990s by Vasili Mitrokhin, a former KGB agent who became a senior official in the Soviet intelligence agency’s archives.Mitrokhin Continue Reading »

Israel’s TV1 reports: Released Soviet archives expose Abbas as KGB agent in Syria


REPORT: According to the Mitrokhin archive which was smuggled out of the USSR, Palestinian Authority president then worked under KGB agent Mikhail Bodganov, who was at the time posted in Damascus, according to Israel’s TV1 News.

By i24news


Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas was a Soviet spy in Damascus in the 1980s, Israel’s Channel 1 News reported Wednesday evening, according to an archive smuggled out of the USSR.

Mahmud Abbas pictured in Brussels on June 22, 2016 – Photo: THIERRY CHARLIER/AFP

According to a document from the famous Mitrokhin archive, which was obtained by Israeli researchers and scholars Isabela Ginor and Gideon Remez, Abbas was code-named Krotov (mole) while he worked as a spy, the report said. Continue Reading »