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IsraAID in Iraq Delivering Emergency Relief to Kurds

Tikon Olam: As winter misery intensifies, an Israeli Aid Agency is providing desperately-needed supplies to refugees (mostly Kurds) from ISIS’s onslaught, including baby milk & warm blankets.

By Ari Soffer


Israeli humanitarian workers have joined the effort to provide desperately-needed supplies to displaced victims of the brutal Islamic State terrorist group in northern Iraq and Syria.

IsraAID supplied beds, blankets, and food to over 1,000 families in the Kurdish city of Duhok, in northern Iraq. The Israeli aid agency worked with Canadian ONEXONE to deliver a convoy to a 14,000-strong refugee camp carrying 2,000 blankets and mattresses, as well as enough powdered milk for all the 1,015 babies under one year of age. Continue Reading »