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Lady Gaga is Israel’s #1 Fan

Superstar Lady Gaga gushes over Israel’s ‘beautiful energy’, saying ‘world view of Israel is just not reality.’

By Moshe Cohen


Pop singer Lady Gaga was a fan of Israel before she performed here several weeks ago – and she’s an even bigger fan now, she told the Independent newspaper in London last weekend. Commenting on her recent show, Gaga said that “Tel Aviv was magnificent. The world view of Israel is just not reality. It’s in a beautiful place, the people are in good spirits.”

“I had a very emotional show with those fans. It was wonderful,” she added.

Gaga has been chatting up Israel in several recent interviews, as she continues performing on her European tour. Continue Reading »

Lady Gaga’s spectacular sci-fi artRAVE concert exhilarates Tel Aviv


Gaga displayed her pure manic energy with her strong voice, 20 songs & 7 outfit changes, and along with the dozen dancers, it was more than a ball, it was an extravaganza.



If Lady Gaga lives for “Applause,” as she sings, then she got one hell of a life force coming from the crowd in Tel Aviv Saturday night – and the pop star certainly reciprocated.

Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett Israel Concert, 13 Sept 2014, ArtRAVE Live – YouTube Screenshot


An adrenaline shot laced with Gaga’s brand of insanity and sex appeal was exactly what Israel’s “non-stop city” needed, in the first major concert by an international act after a summer in which rockets from Gaza forced it to take a couple of naps and cancel performances by acts like Neil Young, the Backstreet Boys, and Lana del Rey. Continue Reading »

Lady Gaga comes to Tel Aviv… Again!

Not intimidated by BDS and calls to boycott Israel, Lady Gaga to perform in Tel Aviv, September 13.


Lady Gaga (PR Photos)

Lady Gaga (PR Photos)

Other acts set to perform in the Holy Land over the next few months include the Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, the Pixies, and more.

Get busy Roger Waters—looks like you have some serious open letter writing ahead of you.

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Sara Netanyahu sought out Lady Gaga for the latest fashion advice

Pop superstar to have a serious sit-down with PM Netanyahu to discuss his comb-over before his upcoming meeting with Obama.

Happy Purim!




Following the drubbing in the media that she took earlier this month for her questionable attire at the inauguration of the 19th Knesset, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, is making sure no repeat faux pas will take place when US President Barack Obama visits Israel next month.

SARA NETANYAHU looks to her mentor pop artist Lady Gaga

SARA NETANYAHU looks to her mentor pop artist Lady Gaga – Photo: Steve Linde

She’s turned to the queen of couture fashion – music superstar Lady Gaga – for a crash course in style and elegance ahead of the much-anticipated presidential visit.

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