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Judge denounces latest case against Israeli PM’s wife as ‘Made for Media’ not ‘court worthy’

In a complete turnaround from the harsh attention Israel’s media has allocated to besmirch Sara Netanyahu, the Jerusalem Labor Court President admonished plaintiff’s attorney saying, “When I read the lawsuit, the impression I got was that it was clearly meant for the ears of someone other than the court.”
• Netanyahu family: We have no doubt the truth will come out in court.

By Yair Altman


The Jerusalem Labor Court on Wednesday leveled harsh criticism at a lawsuit filed by a former employee at the Prime Minister’s Residence, saying it was clearly meant to influence “someone other than the court.” Continue Reading »

Behind the scenes dispute between Israel Police, Judicial system and the Netanyahus


The incomplete/misleading Israel Police announcement regarding end of probe into PM Netanyahu’s residence and the exclusion of Sara Netanyahu’s name, lead to media speculations and intergovernmental infighting.

By Israel News


The investigation into the Prime Minister’s residences aroused fierce debate on Sunday between two enforcement bodies in Israel: the Israel Police and the Ministry of Justice. The central question being asked is who is responsible for wording the unusual announcement about which was published on Sunday informing that the investigation had been conclude. 

Attorney General Avihay Mandelblitt (left) and Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh – Photo: Ofer Meir

In the official announcement which was released by the police it was written that, “The investigation began in February 2016 with the approval of the attorney general and the state attorney. Continue Reading »

Sara Netanyahu may face criminal charges in PM residence investigation


In the ongoing drama about the PM’s residence, Jerusalem district prosecutor’s office may also indict the PM’s wife on criminal charges, based on the findings of the police investigation.


Police have found evidence of criminal wrongdoing on the part of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife Sara Netanyahu, regarding the use of state funds in the management of the Prime Minister’s residence.

Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu – Photo: AVI OHAYON – GPO

The revelation on Sunday means that prosecutors could potentially indict Netanyahu on criminal charges based on the findings of the police investigation.

Evidence was also found against two other suspects – Ezra Seidoff, a top deputy in the Prime Minister’s office, and electrician Avi Fahima. Continue Reading »

Are multiple lawsuits an organized campaign to politically damage the PM?


Associates of the Netanyahu family are publicly speaking out against a recent lawsuit against the Prime Minister’s Office, which claimed damages for “harmful” & “abusive” environment at the Prime Minister’s Residence.

By Edna Adato



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Talks of Israel without a president


Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has discussed in recent weeks shutting down the presidency for good, since the Prime Minister isn’t interested in any of the current candidates to replace President Shimon Peres, whose term as ends in July.

By Mati Tuchfeld


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Sara & Bibi sued by former employee for millions


The charge claims the former official residence’s superintendent rights were trampled on by PMO, Netanyahus, and that Sara Netanyahu mistreated him.

By Ynetnews


A suit against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Prime Minister’s Office has been filed with the Jerusalem District Labor Court by a former body guard and superintendent of the Prime Minister’s Residence who claims he was exploited and mistreated by his high-ranking employer.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Mrs Sara Netanyahu at Timna Park. - Photo: Avi Ohayon, GPO

The suit, first published by Channel 2, claimed that Meni Naftali was exploited and his rights were trampled on while he was working for the Netanyahus’ official household staff. He is now suing for millions of shekels in compensation. Continue Reading »

Former employee of the PM’s Residence claims ‘the Netanyahus exploited me’

Former domestic employee at PM Netanyahu’s residence says he was lied to & overworked while serving as superintendent of Prime Minister’s household staff.

By Ynet

The superintendent of the Prime Minister’s Residence claims he was exploited and his rights were trampled while he was working for the Netanyahus’ household staff, and is now suing for compensation.



In a draft of the complaint set to be filed with the Labor Court against the official residence, the man claims he was made to work long hours, and was mistreated and belittled despite his dedication to his job. Continue Reading »

Sara & Bibi Walk 2 Km. in DavosTo Honor the Sabbath

Prime Minister, his wife Sara & entourage walk back to hotel after Friday evening ‘kabbalat Shabbat’ with Davos Jewish community.

By Gil Ronen


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, his wife Sarah and members of the staff of the Prime Minister’s Office who are currently visiting Davos, Switzerland, chose to respect the Sabbath and walk back to their hotel from the Friday evening ‘kabbalat shabbat’ reception held in their honor by the Jewish community of Davos.

Netanyahu had been driven to the hotel that hosted the ceremony before the Sabbath began.

The walk was estimated at two kilometers in length. Continue Reading »

Sara Netanyahu sought out Lady Gaga for the latest fashion advice

Pop superstar to have a serious sit-down with PM Netanyahu to discuss his comb-over before his upcoming meeting with Obama.

Happy Purim!




Following the drubbing in the media that she took earlier this month for her questionable attire at the inauguration of the 19th Knesset, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, is making sure no repeat faux pas will take place when US President Barack Obama visits Israel next month.

SARA NETANYAHU looks to her mentor pop artist Lady Gaga

SARA NETANYAHU looks to her mentor pop artist Lady Gaga – Photo: Steve Linde

She’s turned to the queen of couture fashion – music superstar Lady Gaga – for a crash course in style and elegance ahead of the much-anticipated presidential visit.

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