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Israel Police recover 150 yr-old Jewish ledger stolen in Prague




Police this morning identified an ancient book of historical Jewish significance allegedly stolen in 2007 from a Jewish museum in Prague and arrested several suspects in the matter.

Photo courtesy: Israel Police, Lahav 333

The book is a record of the Jewish community in the Czech Republic, which was written between 1835 and 1860. It was apparently stolen from the synagogue located inside the museum.

As part of a cooperative effort between Czech law enforcement and Israeli intelligence services, investigators were able to to detect the stolen artifact. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv resident arrested for hacking Madonna’s computer in FBI-Israel Police operation

The Israeli suspect, found in a joint int’l FBI-Lahav 433 investigation, is being charged with computer trespassing, fraud, theft, and intellectual property offenses.



A suspected Israeli hacker was arrested Wednesday on charges of hacking into the computers of Madonna and a number of other well-known artists in order to steal and distribute unreleased songs, Israel Police reported Wednesday.

Hacking into Madonna’s computer (illustrative) – Photo: INGIMAGE,REUTERS,JPOST STAFF

The months-long international investigation, conducted between the FBI and Lahav 433, the police’s special investigation unit, led investigators to a 39-year-old Tel Aviv resident.

The suspect allegedly hacked into the artists’ computers, stole unreleased tracks, and distributed the music over the Internet for money. Continue Reading »