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U.S. at odds with Jordan’s reluctance to extradite Palestinian terrorist

The FBI is demanding Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al-Tamimi, wanted for conspiring to use a WMD against American nationals, and helped orchestrate the 2001 massacre at the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem where 15 people were killed, be extradited from Jordan immediately.

By Associated Press


The U.S. is considering withholding aid to one of its closest Arab partners, Jordan, in a bid to secure the extradition of a woman convicted in Israel of a 2001 bombing that killed 15 people, including two American citizens.

The administration says it’s weighing “all options” to press Jordan to extradite Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al-Tamimi, who is wanted by the U.S. Continue Reading »

Amid new FBI probe, Ilhan Omar’s seat is challenged by another former refugee

With multiple federal agencies now assisting the FBI’s investigation of Rep. Ilhan Omar (Dem.), a Republican Muslim & also former refugee, Dalia al-Aquidi  launches her bid to take Omar’s seat, saying of the Congresswoman, “She’s hurting the moderate Muslims… She’s spreading hatred, and she is spreading racism… She needs to be stopped… Every time she [Omar] opens her mouth she says something either anti-US or antisemitic.”



A Muslim Iraqi refugee has launched her bid to enter Congress –  and plans to unseat Ilhan Omar as the Representative for Minneapolis in the process.

Dalia al-Aquidi is tired of hearing the Democratic representative play a divisive identity politics game, so she has joined a growing field of Republicans determined to take the Somalian-born congresswoman out at the next election. Continue Reading »

Sacha Baron Cohen turns to FBI with tip to possible pedophile ring

The British comedian, known for his outrageous film characters that mumbles in Hebrew, pretended to be interested in procuring young boys during a shooting and was given a tip by a Las Vegas concierge.



While shooting ‘Who Is America‘ British-Jewish comedian, actor, and director Sacha Baron Cohen chanced upon a possible pedophile ring, Cohen said on Wednesday as reported by the Daily Wire

Having invented a character called Gio, which is as extreme as his other famous characters such as Borat and Bruno, Cohen pretended that, as Gio, he had relations with an eight year old boy and asked if the person with whom he is speaking with might be able to silence the boy. Continue Reading »

FBI, Israel partners to undermine terror via Social-Media

A visiting FBI counter-terror official explained to the Jerusalem Post how social media has reached a new level of influence as a tool for terrorists, and that Israel is an active partner in combatting the phenomenon.



“Terrorism is now moving at the speed of social media,” warned top FBI counter-terror official Michael McPherson this past week during a speech leading into an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post.

McPherson spoke to the Post after his speech at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at IDC Herzliya’s 18th annual world summit.

IDF Cyber Unit – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

He explained that social media has reached a new level of influence as a tool for terrorists, saying, “none of us are beyond the power of online messaging.” Continue Reading »

FBI arrest 2 Hezbollah trained terrorists planning attack on Israeli targets


The US Department of Justice announced arrests and indictments against two Hezbollah agents, one a resident of New York and another, a resident of Michigan, who sought out venues for terror-attacks in New York and in Panama.

By AP, Ynet


US federal authorities said they’ve interrupted efforts to identify potential terrorism targets in New York City and Panama, including US and Israeli embassies, by arresting a man in Michigan and another in New York.Court papers unsealed Thursday charge the two men with providing support to a terrorist organization.

One of the suspects, Ali Kourani, conducted surveillance of potential targets in America, including military and law enforcement facilities in New York City.-

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FBI adds Palestinian terrorist Al-Tamimi to “Most Wanted Terrorists” list


U.S. files charges against female Jordanian terrorist convicted by an Israeli court & sentenced to 16 life sentences, but was traded after 8 years in the Hamas deal to release captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

By i24NEWS


The United States on Tuesday filed charges against Ahlam Aref Ahmad Al-Tamimi, a Jordanian woman who played a role in a 2001 suicide bombing at a Jerusalem Pizza restaurant.

Fifteen people were killed in the attack, including two U.S. citizens, and 122 wounded, including another four Americans.

Al-Tamimi acted as an accomplice, scouting the location of the Sbarro pizza chain in the heart of Jerusalem prior to the bombing and escorting the bomber to the site. Continue Reading »

Arrest made in U.S. Jewish Community Centers bomb-threats


Law enforcement officials reported Juan Thompson, a disgraced former journalist, was arrested after the FBI traced multiple bomb threats against Jewish community centers & the Anti-Defamation League to the St. Louis native.

Elad Benari, Canada


The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday arrested a man in St Louis, Missouri, who is suspected of making bomb threats to Jewish community centers and schools around the United States, AFP reports.

The Justice Department said Juan Thompson, 31, was thought to be behind at least eight of more than 105 threats made in recent weeks to Jewish schools, community centers and other institutions.

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Obama Administration seeks to transfer Gitmo terror-prisoner to Israel


The US wants Israel to take terrorist responsible for the bombing of an Israeli hotel & attempted rocket attack on an Israeli airline, but the FBI refuses Israel’s request to hand over the information uncovered during their interrogations.

By Ynetnews


The Obama administration has asked Israel to take in one of Guantanamo Bay’s “forever prisoners,” according to the Miami Herald on Friday.

The man in question, Mohammed Abdul Malik Bajabu, 43, is linked to a car-bombing of an Israeli hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, as well as a plot to shoot down an Israeli Arkia airliner flying from Mombassa to Israel carrying 271 passengers in 2002. Continue Reading »

Week after hiring Israeli tech-firm, FBI announced it unlocked iPhone of Muslim terrorist


A week after the FBI taped Israel’s Celebrate into neutralizing Apple’s encryption security, a Federal hearing was cancelled, no longer needing to force the tech giant into compliance.

By i24news


The FBI has unlocked the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, officials said Monday, ending a heated legal standoff with Apple that had pitted US authorities against Silicon Valley.



Apple, backed by a broad coalition of technology giants like Google and Facebook, was fiercely opposed to assisting the US government in unlocking the iPhone on grounds it would have wide-reaching implications on digital security and privacy. Continue Reading »

FBI asks Israeli security firm to unlock San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone


The FBI taps Israel’s Celebrate into neutralizing Apple’s encryption security after failing to force the tech giant into compliance.

By i24news


An Israeli firm is helping the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to unlock an iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino shootings, Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Wednesday.

FBI vs Apple

The FBI is turning to Cellebrite, which provides forensic software, after pressuring iPhone manufacturer Apple to create a way to override the phone’s security.

Cellebrite offers a forensics system that can retrieve data hidden inside encrypted phones.

Apple fought the FBI’s request, saying such a back door would essentially become a skeleton key that could easily be abused. Continue Reading »

Jewish Council Commends FBI Director Comey of Forethought to Target Evil

NCYI President praised Director James Comey’s indictment of Polish collusion during the Holocaust, warning that it cannot, should not be ignored.

By Gedalyah Reback


Last week, FBI National Director James B. Comey wrote ahead of Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day that such evils can never be forgotten, lest we fall on the trope that we are doomed to repeat history.

FBI Director James B. Comey – Reuters

“I believe it is simply our duty to do that, and I believe this is truth no matter where you come from on a philosophical or religious spectrum. Our obligation is to refuse to let bad win, to refuse to let evil hold the field.” Continue Reading »

FBI chief announces Holocaust education mandatory for new agents

FBI Director James Comey, “I believe it [the Holocaust] was also the most horrific display in world history of our humanity, of our capacity for evil and for moral surrender.”



WASHINGTON — FBI director James Comey called the Holocaust the most significant event in history and said that’s why a US Holocaust Memorial Museum program on its lessons is mandatory for new agents.

FBI Director James Comey discusses race & law enforcement at Georgetown University in Washington. – Photo: AP/Cliff Owen

Speaking Wednesday at the museum’s National Tribute dinner in Washington, Comey made a point of noting that new special agents and intelligence analysts must attend the Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust program. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv resident arrested for hacking Madonna’s computer in FBI-Israel Police operation

The Israeli suspect, found in a joint int’l FBI-Lahav 433 investigation, is being charged with computer trespassing, fraud, theft, and intellectual property offenses.



A suspected Israeli hacker was arrested Wednesday on charges of hacking into the computers of Madonna and a number of other well-known artists in order to steal and distribute unreleased songs, Israel Police reported Wednesday.

Hacking into Madonna’s computer (illustrative) – Photo: INGIMAGE,REUTERS,JPOST STAFF

The months-long international investigation, conducted between the FBI and Lahav 433, the police’s special investigation unit, led investigators to a 39-year-old Tel Aviv resident.

The suspect allegedly hacked into the artists’ computers, stole unreleased tracks, and distributed the music over the Internet for money. Continue Reading »

Israel arrests US citizen with 3lbs of explosives, was approached by Palestinian to kill Obama

According to the Shin Bet,  Adam Everett Livvix, a 30 yr-old Texan Christian who was living in the Palestinian territories, was approached about assassinating U.S. President Barack Obama.

By Gili Cohen , Amos Harel & The Associated Press


The Israel Police and Shin Bet Security Service released information on Tuesday regarding a Christian American citizen arrested on suspicion of planning a terror attack on Muslim holy sites in Israel.

Tourists pose for a picture in front of the Dome of the Rock on the compound known to Muslims as Nob

Tourists pose for a picture in front of the Dome of the Rock on the compound known to Muslims as Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount, in Jerusalem’s Old City October 19, 2014.

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Gag order lifted: It’s a can of worms with Senior Police Officers, FBI, Bribes & Rabbi Pinto


Judge lifts gag-order: FBI wiretaps will reveal suspected misconduct by senior Israeli officials, in both Israel Police and within political echelon.

‘If this can of worms is opened, many Israeli officials will be embarrassed by findings,’ source says

By Aviel Magnezi


It was cleared for publication Thursday that Israel Police is conducting an investigation of senior police officers on suspicion of accepting bribe from Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto

 Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto - Photo: ILAN ASSAYAG/HAARETZ

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto – Photo: ILAN ASSAYAG/HAARETZ

In Wednesday’s issue of newsletter the rabbi releases periodically to his supporters, he wrote: “I will reveal my emotions before you. Dear brothers, this dark time forced upon us haunts us without us having committed any crime, and only due to narrow-minded and cruel considerations of those who use scare tactics.” Continue Reading »