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Lebanese Report: Man arrested in connection to earlier rocket fired at Israel

Lebanese media says military personal recovered additional rockets at launching site, prepared by unknown militant group, assumed to also be fired toward Israel.




Lebanese authorities reportedly arrested one person on Friday in connection to the rocket attack from Lebanon into Israel earlier this morning.

 Lebanese army personnel inspects the remains of a shell that was suspected of having been launched from Lebanon to Israel, near the village of El Mari in Southern Lebanon July 11, 2014.   - Photo: Reuters/Karamallah Daher

Lebanese army personnel inspects the remains of a shell that was suspected of having been launched from Lebanon to Israel, near the village of El Mari in Southern Lebanon July 11, 2014 – Photo: Reuters/Karamallah Daher

The Beirut-based newspaper The Daily Star, cited security forces as saying the suspect’s car had blood stains that matched blood traces found at the scene where the rocket was launched. Continue Reading »

Lebanese Group Fires Katyusha Rocket at Upper Galilee

IDF returns fire from area where small radical organization, not Hezbollah, fired single rocket from Lebanon, senior army source says.



One rocket was fired from Lebanon on Friday morning on a village in the Upper Galilee. There were no injuries in the attack.

me digging out Katyusha rocket

Retrieving remnants of an exploded Katyusha rocket in Upper Galilee Kibbutz (archives) – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Artillery fire was directed at the area from which the rocket was fired, a senior army source said.

The rocket was not fired by Hezbollah but by a small radical organization in Lebanon, Maj.-Gen. Continue Reading »

Nasrallah takes credit: ‘We Bombed Israel in Revenge’

Nearly a month later, the Secretary General of the Lebanese terrorist group takes credit for the explosion on Israel’s border, as ‘revenge’ for believed IAF airstrike on Syrian missile transfer to Hezbollah.

By Ari Yashar


Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese-based terrorist group Hezbollah, took responsibility on Monday for the explosive detonated on the Lebanese-Israeli border in mid-March.

Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah – AFP photo

The explosive was set off as an IDF jeep passed by, sending three soldiers to the hospital to be examined for shock from the blast.

In acknowledging Hezbollah was behind the attack, Nasrallah claimed the blast was revenge for an airstrike attributed to the IAF, which took place a week before the attack and prevented delivery of sophisticated missiles to the terror group. Continue Reading »

IDF Investigation Reveals Hezbollah Terrorists Successfully Infiltrated Israel

Investigation into Friday night’s IDF shelling incident on the Lebanese border shows armed terrorists actually penetrated deep into Israel.

By Tova Dvorin


An investigation into Friday night’s skirmishes between Israel and Lebanon – during which an explosive device was detonated on the Lebanese side of the border and the IDF retaliated with shells – has revealed that Hezbollah terrorists succeeded in entering Israel.

Hezbollah fighters on parade – Reuters

Walla! News reported Monday night that several Hezbollah terrorists successfully trespassed over the border into Israel on Friday night, several hundreds of meters south of the “Blue Line.”

The two bombs mentioned in initial reports had exploded very close to three IDF officers, including the deputy company commander on nearby Mount Dov. Continue Reading »

IDF Opens Fire on Terror Suspects On Lebanese Border with Israel

On same day Lebanese gov’t gives its citizens free hand against Israel, suspects suspiciously approach border, but then quickly flee from IDF gunfire.

By Ari Yashar


IDF soldiers fired at suspected terrorists who approached the Israeli-Lebanese border on Saturday.

“A certain number of suspects approached the Israel-Lebanon border. Soldiers fired in the air to warn them away, and they moved off,” reported an IDF spokeswoman, adding that no one was injured in the exchange.

A local Arab resident claimed to AFP that the suspects who approached the fence were shepherds who neared the border “by mistake.”

The incident follows an intense day Friday, in which terrorists set an explosive on the border, detonating it near an IDF border patrol. Continue Reading »