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Likud’s Feiglin: Pay Palestinians to leave Judea & Samaria

Likud’s most far-right members suggest paying each Palestinian family in Judea & Samaria $500,000 to move to West.

Akiva Novick


Several Likud officials called for the annexation of the West Bank on Tuesday, in contradiction with the party’s official policy.

Moshe Feiglin Photo: EPA

Moshe Feiglin – Photo: EPA

Despite being instructed by the Likud campaign not to give interviews, Moshe Feiglin made controversial statements during a conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

The Women in Green conference was attended by several Likud officials who discussed operative ways to impose Israeli sovereignty beyond the Green Line.

Feiglin, who earlier on Tuesday was detained by police after trying to pray at the Temple Mount, proposed paying Palestinians to leave Israel. Continue Reading »

MK Danny Danon says Israel Must not Bend for Obama

Likud MK Danny Danon says Israel will not bend for Obama despite his re-election victory. National Union: A victory for Israeli left.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


Israel will not bend for President Barack Obama, despite his re-election victory, World Likud leader and Knesset Member Danny Danon said Wednesday. The Ichud Leumi (National Union) party declared the results an “award to the Israeli left wing.”

Obama (R) embraces his brother-in-law after victory speech in Chicago

Obama (R) embraces his brother-in-law after victory speech in Chicago – Reuters

“Obama’s victory demonstrate that Israel needs to worry abut its interests,” said MK Danon. “I have no one on whom to rely outside of ourselves.  Continue Reading »

‘J’lem Post’ poll: ‘Center-Left mega-party’ could defeat Netanyahu

Poll reveals party led by Olmert, including Lapid & Livni would win 31 seats, 4 more than Likud, in upcoming January election.


A party led by former prime minister Ehud Olmert that would include former Kadima leader Tzipi Livni, current Kadima chairman Shaul Mofaz and Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid would win the January 22, 2013 election, a Smith Research survey carried out exclusively for The Jerusalem Post revealed Thursday.

Ehud Olmert at the Jerusalem Post Conference - Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

Ehud Olmert at the Jerusalem Post Conference – Photo: Marc Israel Sellem

The poll, which was conducted Tuesday and Wednesday, found that the party would win 31 seats, four more than Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud, which would receive 27 mandates.

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Everything you always wanted to know about the upcoming Israeli elections

With early elections to be held within 3 months, here’s a comprehensive guide to the most pertinent questions & issues.

Next Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to submit to the Knesset plenum a bill to dissolve the current Knesset. Immediately following the first reading, the Knesset Committee will formulate the wording of the bill, so that the plenum will swiftly approve the second and third readings that same night.

knesset indoors

The Knesset.

When will the elections take place?

The government will determine the exact date for the election. Netanyahu began consultations on Tuesday with the leaders of the various parties and has already discussed the issue with the leaders of the opposition, including Shelly Yacimovich (Labor) and Zahava Gal-On (Meretz), with the hope of finding an agreed date. Continue Reading »

PM, Mofaz form largest coalition in 28 years

Poll: 44% of Israelis back Likud-Kadima unity government deal, 37% oppose it.


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu shocked the political establishment on Tuesday by delaying planned early elections and signing a deal with Kadima to form a 94-MK coalition, the widest coalition since 1984.

The national unity coalition formed by rotating prime ministers Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Shamir had 97 MKs, which was the largest ever, except when Israel formed emergency governments, most notably the Six Day War coalition in 1967 that had 111 MKs.

The Knesset - Photo: Ammar Awad / Reuters

The Knesset - Photo: Ammar Awad/Reuters

At a Knesset press conference with Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz, Netanyahu said a large coalition was needed to deal with the challenges the country is facing on the socioeconomic, diplomatic and security fronts.

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Kadima Gets 16 Months Political Life Support; Bibi A Puzzle

It is easy to understand Kadima’s move, but it is harder to fathom Netanyahu’s.

A funny thing happened on the way to the September 4 Knesset elections. Instead of elections we got a ” Unity” government between the Likud and Kadima. The term “unity government” is a misnomer. Unity governments are formed between the leading party of the right and the leading party of the left.

Binyamin Netanyahu

Binyamin Netanyahu - Photo by Reuters

The Kadima party was an amphibious party in the 2006 elections, drawing support from both the right and the left. In the 2009 elections it had become a party of the left and essentially cannibalized Labor and Meretz to win its 28 seats in the Knesset. Continue Reading »

Likud’s right flank sends a warning shot across Netanyahu’s bow

Pro-settlement elements torpedo the PM’s bid to take charge of the party’s convention, revealing new party paradigm

Conventional wisdom has it that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud will sail to a second term as ruling party in new elections. But the chaotic party convention Sunday night in Tel Aviv — at which Netanyahu’s intended confirmation as the convention’s president was sabotaged — showed that choppy waters may be ahead.

On Sunday night, the Likud’s right wing flexed its muscle, showing the prime minister that he needs to remain steadfast in his support for the settlements if he wants their unwavering backing.

Netanyahu is still overwhelmingly likely to be re-elected as prime minister, whether he wins the Likud’s party convention presidency or not. Continue Reading »

PM to officially announce election at Likud convention

Primary race to be tight, as polls show Likud getting 31 seats, but party regulations only allow 19 of current 27 MKs to run again; party spokeswoman says the primary will take place in early to mid-June.


The Likud convention, where Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu plans to officially announce an early election for September 4, is set to begin on Sunday night in Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – Photo: REUTERS


The convention is expected to be heated, as its members will decide in the coming weeks how the Likud will choose its candidates for the next Knesset.

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