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Lithuania blocks Holocaust denier David Irving from entering

Lithuanian Foreign Minister says, “Holocaust denial and praising Adolf Hitler is a crime in Lithuania. Persons who spread these ideas are not welcome in our country.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Lithuania has moved to blacklist Holocaust denier David Irving to prevent him from entering the country should he try to do so later this year, the country’s Foreign Minister, Linas Linkevicius, told AFP on Tuesday.

“Holocaust denial and praising Adolf Hitler is a crime in Lithuania. Persons who spread these ideas are not welcome in our country,” stressed Linkevicius.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister, Linas Linkevicius (left) and British Holocaust denier David Irving (right).

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Israel-Lithuania Relations, Detached From Palestinian Pressure, a True Friend in the EU

For Netanyahu, Lithuania is a dream come true since the Palestinian issue isn’t on their public agenda, and the term “West Bank settlements” isn’t part of the country’s lexicon.

By Tal Shalev


With international discontent over Israel’s policies growing, the Israeli dance company “Bat Sheva” has gotten its fair share of boycott threats. But the strident sounds of BDS demonstrators were replaced this week by loud applause as the celebrated ensemble performed at the Lithuanian national theater in Vilnius. Clapping enthusiastically, alongside the Israeli ambassador, was Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite.

Former Israeli President Peres, Lithuania President Grybauskaite – Photo: GPO/Moshe Milner

Even as the BDS movement appears to be gaining traction and the EU is intensifying its warnings to Israel, Lithuania is singing a totally different tune.
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Lithuanian Power Station Built With Jewish Headstones

A local resident noticed stolen Jewish headstones were used to build Lithuanian power station.

By Matt Wanderman


Archaeologists have confirmed that a Lithuanian power station was built using stolen Jewish tombstones.

(File image)Jewish Headstones (illustrative) – Photo: Rafi Fischer

Earlier this month Gledrius Sakalauskas, a local resident, noticed that many of the stones used to build the station contained Hebrew or Yiddish writing. “I touched the stones and I realized that they’re really gravestones,” he told AP.

Sakalauskas says that he is very saddened, but not surprised. There used to be a Jewish cemetery across the street from where the station now stands.

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