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Palestinians Used Jewish Gravestones for Staircase

REPORT: Arab man from the village of Silwan was arrested for using old tombstones stolen from the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, to build a public staircase in his Palestinian village.

By David Israel


Yuval Segev, Army Radio’s reporter covering the police and Jerusalem, on Monday night tweeted that a PA resident was arrested on suspicion of breaking into the Jewish cemetery on Mount Olives and using old tombstones to build a public staircase in his village.

The investigation was launched following a complaint from City Councilman Arieh King. The suspect denies the charges.

One Segev follower, Shai Lourie, tweeted that if such a thing had happened in Europe it would have opened all the news editions, but on Mount Olives it barely generates a yawn. Continue Reading »

Lithuanian Power Station Built With Jewish Headstones

A local resident noticed stolen Jewish headstones were used to build Lithuanian power station.

By Matt Wanderman


Archaeologists have confirmed that a Lithuanian power station was built using stolen Jewish tombstones.

(File image)Jewish Headstones (illustrative) – Photo: Rafi Fischer

Earlier this month Gledrius Sakalauskas, a local resident, noticed that many of the stones used to build the station contained Hebrew or Yiddish writing. “I touched the stones and I realized that they’re really gravestones,” he told AP.

Sakalauskas says that he is very saddened, but not surprised. There used to be a Jewish cemetery across the street from where the station now stands.

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Polish Homeowners ignore plea to remove Jewish gravestones used to build outhouse

After WWII, residents of small Polish village of Pilica apparently wanted to defile the memory of the buried Jews by using their gravestones with Hebrew writing, to build outhouse.

By Yori Yalon


The tiny Polish town of Pilica hides an infuriating secret: Homeowners who lived in the town after World War II used Jewish gravestones to build an outhouse and parts of their home, apparently in an effort to defile the memory of the Jews.

An outhouse in the Polish village of Pilica built out of Jewish gravestones – Photo: From the Depths

The sight of dozens of gravestones bearing Hebrew writing as part of a structure that serves as an outhouse is unsettling. Continue Reading »

WATCH: The Jewish Mount of Olives Ancient Jerusalem Cemetery Desecrated Again

Jerusalem councilman King blames government for not ordering police to stop Arabs from destroying the headstones & desecrating Jewish graves at the Mount of Olives cemetery.

By Ari Yashar


While Arab assailants have long been desecrating the Mount of Olives Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem, said to be the oldest still-in-use cemetery in the world, shocking video footage reveals that for the Jewish holiday of Purim last Friday (in Jerusalem) they went farther than usual in trashing Jewish graves.

Jerusalem, Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery – Photo: Wikipedia

Jerusalem Councilman Arieh King on Tuesday posted video documenting the damage, which was filmed by Joshua Wander, a dual Israeli and American citizen who has run as a republican candidate for mayor of Pittsburgh.

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Israel Police Arrested 3 Jerusalem Arabs for Destroying Jewish Gravestones


Israel Police in Jerusalem makes arrests after dozens of headstones & memorials were smashed on the Mount of Olives. 
• One 22 yr-old suspect, denies allegations, but 2 minors admitted to detectives to defacing graves & went on to implicate additional suspects.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Detectives and investigators from the Jerusalem Central Investigative Unit of the Israel Police arrested on Monday three Arab residents of the A-Tor neighborhood in east Jerusalem suspected of vandalizing Jewish gravestones on the Mount of Olives.

One of the gravestones defaced on the Mount of Olives – Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit

The police launched the investigation after dozens of headstones were discovered, smashed.

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Neo-Nazi’s appeal awards him extra year in French jail

The Colmar court of appeals sentenced Nicolas Lecureur, 24, to an additional year in prison Wednesday for desecrating Jewish graves.



A Frenchman who helped desecrate 90 Jewish and Muslim graves had his jail term extended by one year following his failed appeal for a lighter sentence.

File:Court of Appeal Colmar.jpg

The Colmar Court of Appeal – Photo courtesy: Flickr

The Colmar court of appeals sentenced Nicolas Lecureur, 24, to a year in prison Wednesday for his actions, which he committed in eastern France in 2010 with two accomplices, Jonathan Husser and Matthias Leyer, according to L’Alsace daily.

All three men began serving an 18-month jail term in June 2012, but Lecureur appealed the sentence, claiming to have new evidence that prove his innocence.

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Arabs Caught Red Handed Robbing Ancient Burial Cave

Three Arab suspects were caught inside the 1st century cave near Kibbutz Metzer, with digging tools in hand.

By Gil Ronen


A protracted surveillance operation led to the capture of three suspects who were caught red handed robbing an ancient grave near Kibbutz Metzer.

The arrest of the suspects

The arrest of the suspects – Antiquities Authority

Inspectors for the Unit for Prevention of Theft in the Antiquities Authority caught the suspects inside a burial cave dating from the 1st century CE.

The suspects are Arabs from the town of Baka el Gharbiya and the village of Zamer. They were in possession of numerous digging tools. Continue Reading »