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Mahmoud Abbas’ replacement: Another 70 yr-old, old-guard PLO ‘official’

So, why did Israel save the life of the ailing Palestinian kleptocratic autocrat, if he picked a successor that’s another hate-filled PLO official much like himself & Arafat?

By Ryan Jones


Mahmoud Abbas has been a thorn in Israel’s side. He’s refused for the past several years to negotiate with Israeli leaders, and continues to approve blatant incitement against the Jewish state in Palestinian schoolbooks, to list but a couple of his violations of signed peace agreements.

So, why did Israel rush to save the life of the Palestinian leader when he fell severely ill last year?

According to Israel’s Ynet news portal, in May 2018, Abbas got a severe ear infection which developed into pneumonia and other health complications. Continue Reading »

Palestinians to Begin Boycotting 6 Major Israeli Concerns

A Palestinian national committee proclaimed Monday that effective Wednesday, Abbas’ PA will officially begin boycotting products from 6 major Israeli companies.

By Cynthia Blank


A national Palestinian committee announced Monday its intention to prohibit the sale of products by six major Israel companies in areas of Judea and Samaria controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

Anti-Israel boycott campaigners – Reuters

The ban is slated to begin Wednesday, while Palestinian merchants will be given two weeks time to clear their stock of the Israeli products, committee head Mahmoud al-Aloul said., according to Ma’an.

However, committee members, during a press conference in Ramallah to announce the ban, urged retailers to implement the new policy as soon as possible. Continue Reading »