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Palestinian leaders livid after EU conditions aid on ending ties with terror groups

Palestinian leaders unite sending protest letters to European Union officials, claiming groups like Hamas are merely political parties not terror organizations, noting the EU stipulation nullifies their national “struggle against Israeli occupation,” demanding continued EU funding without restrictions.

By  Eldad Beck


The Palestinian Authority has launched a broad public political campaign to convince the European Union to rescind its decision to prohibit monetary aid to PA-affiliated organizations and institutions if it doesn’t sever all ties with terrorist groups.

“The national Palestinian campaign to reject conditional funding” has picked up steam in recent weeks, after the EU, for the first time, introduced a fundamental change to the financial aid contracts Palestinian bodies are required to sign, whereby any cooperation with terrorist organizations will result in the unilateral cessation of funding by the EU. Continue Reading »

Israel closes covert Palestinian agency that exposes Arabs who sell to Jews


Israel’s Public Security Minister Erdan signs order closing a Palestinian Authority office in east Jerusalem, commissioned to engage in surveillance and investigations to identify Arabs that sold land, buildings, or homes to Jews.

By Roi Yanovsky


A Palestinian Authority government agency secretly operating in east Jerusalem was shut down on Tuesday on the order of Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan.

Israel’s Public Security Minister גלעד ארדן Gilad Erdan – Photo: Facebook

The PA agency, operating in the Beit Hanina neighborhood, was carrying out surveillance and registering of Arabs who sold land to Jews.

The Palestinian Authority used to have a bureau in Jerusalem that dealt with “map issues.” Continue Reading »

REPORT: Trump’s State Dept thwart Obama’s devious attempt to transfer $221 million to Palestinians


The State Department is reviewing a last-minute decision by former Sec. of State John Kerry to send $221 million to the Palestinians, funds Obama had for some time been pressing to release, and was to be sent directly to the West Bank & Gaza.

By Alex Lockie and Associated Press


The State Department is reviewing a last-minute decision by former Secretary of State John Kerry to send $221 million dollars to the Palestinians late last week over the objections of congressional Republicans.

The department said Tuesday it would look at the payment, one of the Obama administration’s final acts in office, and might make adjustments to ensure it comports with the Trump administration’s priorities. Continue Reading »

Just hours before leaving, Obama defies Congress, sends $221 million to Palestinians


During his final hours as POTUS, Barack Obama released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority, ignoring the GOP members of Congress that placed a ‘hold’ on the aid because of state incitement to violence & cash payments to convicted terrorists.

By The Associated Press


Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas& Obama at White House – Photo: AFP

GOP Congress members have been holding up the money.

A State Department official and several congressional aides said the outgoing administration formally notified Congress it would spend the money Friday morning, just before Donald Trump became president. Continue Reading »

UK ends paying monthly salaries to non-working Gazans & jailed Palestinian terrorists


New UK restrictions on transfer of financial aid to Mahmoud Abbas’ gov’t is meant to ensure funds deliver “maximum impact for Palestinians,” ensuring funds no longer compensate incarcerated terrorists or the families of killed terrorists.

By i24news


The United Kingdom on Friday announced that it was placing new restrictions on transfer of aid the Palestinian Authority in order to ensure it does not reach terrorists or their families.

Aid to the PA will continue, but “certain key changes will be made to ensure this funding delivers the best value for money and maximum impact for Palestinians,” said a government statement. Continue Reading »

Watch: Congressman concerned over US aid to Palestinians used as payments to convicted killers


view videoWatch Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee outraged that financial assistance to the Palestinians is used to pay killers, inciting more and more to murder Jews, which is sustained indirectly with US foreign aid.


WASHINGTON — Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee agreed on Wednesday to strategize an end to a Palestine Liberation Organization program that offers monthly stipends to convicted murderers and terrorists.

Chairman Royce’s Opening Statement at Hearing on Financially Rewarding Terrorism in the West Bank
At a hearing on the matter, Democratic and Republican members vowed to coordinate on closing a loophole in US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, which allows parent and subsidiary Palestinian organizations, such as the PLO, to continue the decade-old practice.
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NY Post blasts US for paying Palestinian terror attackers on Israelis


The New York paper calls on the U.S. Congress to halt Palestinian Authority funding, which is used to pay monthly stipends to families of the terrorists, that actually reward & encourage deadly terror attacks on Israeli civilians.

By David Rosenberg


An op-ed piece by the editorial board was published Friday night sharply condemning American funding for the Palestinian Authority, calling it an “outrage”.

Mahmoud Abbas – Photo: Reuters

Noting the ongoing terror wave that’s left dozens dead and hundreds wounded, the New York Post highlighted the Palestinian Authority’s continuing funding for terrorists and their families, what the paper described as a “hefty reward from Abbas’ PA”.
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Outraged Congress acts to shut loophole on stipends paid to jailed Palestinian murders


US Congress outraged that for decades, PA President Abbas has continued to pay millions of dollars each month, in regular monthly stipends, to the families of men & women convicted of murder or terrorism.



WASHINGTON — The Senate is acting to fully shut a loophole that allows Palestinian leadership to provide monthly stipends to individuals convicted of murder or terrorism by Israel with US aid dollars, US Sen. Dan Coats (R-Indiana) told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday.

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Senator seeks to end Palestinian aid used as stipends for convicted murderers


US Senator outraged that for decades, PA President Abbas has continued to pay millions of dollars each month, in regular monthly stipends, to the families of men & women convicted of murder or terrorism.



WASHINGTON — US Senator Dan Coats, Republican of Indiana, called for an end to US aid to the Palestinian Authority this week until the body ceases its program of providing stipends to convicted murderers.

Price list for terrorism

Delivering remarks from the Senate floor, the senator said he is increasingly concerned that US taxpayer dollars go to funding programs that incite further Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians. Continue Reading »

First Jericho, now Bethlehem suffers electric shortages over massive debt 


Israel Electrical Corporation reduced power flow to the large West Bank city because the Palestinian Authority refuses to pay its electrical bills, amounting to the serious sum of $460 million.
• Meanwhile, Israel expands Gaza’s fishing zone.

By The Associated Press


Israel’s state electric company on Monday reduced power to a major West Bank city, saying it would take similar steps in other Palestinian areas over the next two weeks because of unpaid debt.

The Israel Electric Corporation said it had reduced its supply to Bethlehem by 50 percent, days after doing so in the city of Jericho. The company said the internationally-backed Palestinian Authority owes it nearly $460 million. Continue Reading »

US gov’t asked to intervene after PLO lost $655 million terror lawsuit

US Dept. of Justice is considering possible involvement by aiding Palestinians in the civil lawsuit where 10 American families of terror victims won damages of $655 mil against the PLO/PA.

By Reuters


The US government may weigh in on whether the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority must post a multimillion-dollar bond, which they have resisted doing, while the groups appeal a jury’s finding that they supported terrorist attacks in Israel. 

Bombing attack on a Jerusalem bus (Photo:APBombing attack on a Jerusalem bus – Photo:AP

The US Department of Justice disclosed its potential interest in the case in a letter filed Monday in Manhattan federal court, six months after 10 American families won a $655. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Authority seeks energy independence from Israel

With a debt over $500 million that the Palestinian authorities owe the Israel Electric Company from refusing to pay for its energy, the PA is seeking donors to build them an alternative power supply.

By Linda Gradstein, The Media Line


Palestinians plan to begin using solar, wind and geothermal power in an effort to cut their dependence on Israeli energy and save money at the same time.

Solar thermal collectors in Tirat Carmel – Photo: Mohammad Shinawi

The Palestinian Authority has approved a national plan to reach ten percent power generation from renewable sources by 2020, and a new energy law set to be approved soon calls for energy generation programs. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Authority advances lawsuits against Israel at ICC for war crimes & construction

Palestinian FM Riad al-Malki says PA submitted request to set date at ICC for alleged war crimes committed by Israel and their settlement expansions.



Authority has submitted an official request to the International Criminal Court to set a date to discuss the possibility of two war-crimes lawsuits against Israel, PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki said on Monday.

Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki (C) leaves the ICC at the Hague, August 5, 2014. – Photo: REUTERS

The Palestinians want the ICC to sue Israel for war crimes it claims were committed during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge and for Jewish building over the 1949 Armistice Line in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail MASSIVE #PAfail: US Federal Court verdict against PLO for $654 million

Historic verdict by US court charges Palestinian Authority with $654 million in damages for direct involvement in 6 separate terrorist attacks against civilians.

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Palestinians to Begin Boycotting 6 Major Israeli Concerns

A Palestinian national committee proclaimed Monday that effective Wednesday, Abbas’ PA will officially begin boycotting products from 6 major Israeli companies.

By Cynthia Blank


A national Palestinian committee announced Monday its intention to prohibit the sale of products by six major Israel companies in areas of Judea and Samaria controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

Anti-Israel boycott campaigners – Reuters

The ban is slated to begin Wednesday, while Palestinian merchants will be given two weeks time to clear their stock of the Israeli products, committee head Mahmoud al-Aloul said., according to Ma’an.

However, committee members, during a press conference in Ramallah to announce the ban, urged retailers to implement the new policy as soon as possible. Continue Reading »