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Israel’s PM Salutes Christian IDF Soldiers, Proclaiming ‘We Are Brothers!’

Netanyahu attends pre-Christmas gathering in Nazareth, thanking the local Christians for seeking to bind their future to that of Israel’s.

By Ryan Jones


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday told a pre-Christmas gathering of Christians in Nazareth that they and the Jews are brothers, and that Israel will never cease to defend Christians against the forces that seek to harm and destroy them.

PM Netanyahu meets Gabriel Nadaf, Aug. 2013 – Reuters

The gathering was organized by the Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum, whose spiritual leader, Father Gabriel Naddaf, was singled out repeatedly by Netanyahu for his untiring efforts to encourage young Christians to join the Israeli army and fully integrate with Israeli society.

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What happens to Christians under the proposed ‘Jewish State Bill’ ?



Minority religious groups are worried about the impact of the proposed Jewish State bill. But the proposed legislation seeks to only place in law Israel’s ‘Jewishness’, that’s already being practiced.


Christians in Israel are debating whether the proposed “Jewish State” bill will weaken Israel’s democracy by marginalizing minority religious groups, or whether it will strengthen the Holy Land as a unified state.

Christians in Jerusalem

A Christian woman outside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. – Photo: ARIEL COHEN

The “Jewish State” bill legally defines Israel as “the nation-state of the Jewish people,” and reinforces the use of “Hatikva” as the national anthem, state symbols, use of the Hebrew calendar and the Law of Return. Continue Reading »

IDF’s all volunteer Desert Reconnaissance Battalion celebrates 20 years


IDF officials say the number of Arabs, Bedioun, Circassians & other minorities who volunteered for the special unit has increased dramatically, including new recruits from East Jerusalem.

To his soldiers who never finished high school, the Unit commander recommends IDF educational courses.

By Shlomo Diaz


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