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Munich mayor rejects Israel’s request to cancel tax-funded BDS lecture


Outlawed in France as anti-Semitic, and reported in the Spanish press as a violent organization’ after Matisyahu’s concert ban & then reinvitation, the BDS city-sponsored lecture will take place on the eve of the Nazis’ ‘Kristallnacht’, in Munich, of all places.



“We are in touch with the municipality of Munich in order to prevent this event from happening,” the head of Israel’s consulate, Dan Shaham, wrote to ‘The Jerusalem Post’ on Friday.

Demonstrators take part in a pro-Israel rally in Munich. – Photo: REUTERS

BERLIN – Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter on Friday refused a request from Israel’s top diplomat in the city to pull the plug on an allegedly anti-Semitic event advocating a boycott of the Jewish state in a municipal building. Continue Reading »