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Israel Antiquities Authority to Supply Artifacts For New Bible Museum in Washington

Washington DC’s new $400 million Bible Museum to open in 2017, will feature thousands of objects from Israel’s 2 million artifacts, telling the Biblical story, scientifically based, on archaeological material.

By The Associated Press 


The Museum of the Bible being built in Washington will feature ancient artifacts and treasures from the Holy Land under a new deal that ensures Israel’s leading archaeological organization will have an outpost in the US capital.

Photo: AP

An agreement between the museum and the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Tuesday will bring a selection of artifacts excavated in Israel for long-term display in a top-floor gallery at the new Bible museum. Continue Reading »

Golda Meir portrait taken down in Egyptian museum on first day

Uproar in local media, as well as in the museum, forces removal of Golda’s inclusion dedicated to world’s leading women.

By Roi Kais


Egyptians were outraged Sunday, causing an uproar in the local media after discovering that a museum near Cairo had been displaying a picture of none other than the fourth prime minister of Israel, Golda Meir.

Former PM Golda Meir's picture hanging in Egyptian museum
Former PM Golda Meir’s picture hanging in Egyptian museum

The new “Pioneering Women” museum in the Pharaonic Village of Giza opened Saturday, with the purpose of relating the stories of women who had changed society. Meir’s picture was hanging there besides those of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and the wives of former presidents of Egypt, Suzanne Mubarak and Jehan Sadat. Continue Reading »