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Gaza entrepreneur: Hamas open to Israeli economic cooperation


The idea, arousing the interest amongst businesspeople in plastics, agriculture, assembling electronic components, and metal work, can provide a livelihood for 60,000 families, the far majority from Gaza, who are suffering a 60% unemployment rate.



“The poor and the hungry try to agitate not because they love disturbances but because they want to be taken into account and paid attention to,” says Gaza businessman Nabil Bouab.

Nabil Bouab – Photo: americanportfolios

Bouab agreed to be interviewed by “Globes” following the article featuring Israeli businessman Shlomi Fogel, the owner of Ampa and Israel Shipyards. Well connected in the Arab world, Fogel called on Israeli businesspeople and their counterparts in Gaza and the Arab world, “to come to Gaza now,” and be partners in setting up five or six industrial zones and free trade areas along the Israel-Gaza border, on the Israeli side. Continue Reading »