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ANALYSIS: IDF’s Strategy in the War Against Iran

The IDF’s commencement of Operation Northern Shield is the third tier in its psychological war against Iran:

  1. Iranians left dumbstruck by Israel’s cutting-edge technology that is currently destroying tunnel after tunnel exiting Lebanon,
  2. Generals distressed after Israel’s Air Force successfully destroyed advanced weaponry in Syria while Russia’s S-300 stood idly ‘watching’ and,
  3. Reading in the press how Hamas begged Egypt to facilitate a ceasefire the day after the IAF successfully hit 150 strategic targets in Gaza in under 48 hours.

By Yochanan Visser


With “Operation Northern Shield” entering its second week and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) working to destroy a third Hezbollah attack tunnel underneath the border with Lebanon it has become increasingly clear Israel is waging a psychological war against Iran and its proxies. Continue Reading »

Israel builds counter-terrorism maritime barrier between Israel and Gaza

The Israeli Navy installed a sensor system that detects and warns against infiltration attempts into the counter-terrorism maritime barrier, so Israel’s Defense Minister admits, ‘Every day, Hamas is losing its capability to attack Israel.’
– WATCH aerial video.

By Yoav Zitun


Significant progress in the barrier project against infiltrations from the Gaza Strip has been reported on Sunday. New images and videos show a new breakwater structure, with a high fence surrounding it, and an advanced detection system.

The construction is expected to be completed within a year and a half.

The Ministry of Defense revealed pictures and videos of the sea barrier construction site at the northern Gaza Strip border, near Zikim beach. Continue Reading »

IDF tank destroys Hamas post in Gaza after being shot at


After Israeli soldiers patrolling border fence with Gaza were fired at, an IDF tank returns fire destroying a Hamas military post.

By Arutz Sheva Staff,


The IDF attacked today a Hamas post in the Gaza strip with a tank, the IDF spokesman said.

The attack was in response to shooting earlier at an IDF force engaged in routine activity near the border fence in southern Gaza.

IDF Merkava tanks – Photo Courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Office

“In response to the shots fired earlier today at IDF forces carrying out routine activities near the border fence with the southern Gaza Strip, an IDF tank targeted a post belonging to the terror organization Hamas,” the IDF said in statement. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Hamas seals Erez Crossing into Israel to catch assassin


Wafa, the official PA news site reports Gaza’s Hamas-controlled security forces closed all exits from Gaza and are also preventing the enclaves 4000 fishermen from going out to sea, in hopes of apprehending the assassin of a senior military commander.



The Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry closed the Erez crossing until further notice on Sunday, a ministry spokesman said, a day after Hamas accused Israel of assassinating a senior member of its military wing, the Izzadin Kassam Brigades.

“The closure of the Beit Hanoun crossing [Erez] comes as a part of the steps being taken by the security apparatus following the crime of assassinating Mazen Fuqaha,” Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry Spokesman Iyad Bazm said in a statement published on the ministry’s website. Continue Reading »

Gaza tailor exports religious skullcaps, kippot for Jewish men


Mohammad Abu Shanab from Gaza recently began making the skullcaps worn by religious Jews as well as Christian clergy, saying, “In the foundation of our religion, we believe in Christianity and Judaism…so we have no problem making the headwear.”

By Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


It’s not easy doing business from the Gaza Strip, but tailor Mohammad Abu Shanab has found a demand he can supply: His sewing factory is churning out kippot, skullcaps worn by religious Jewish men.

Demand for religious skullcaps is on the rise, Mohammad Abu Shanab says. [Illustrative] – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Since Israel resumed importing clothing from Gaza in 2015, Abu Shanab has renewed commercial contacts to sell merchandise to neighboring Israel. Continue Reading »

IDF tank hits Hamas military post in retaliation to Gaza gunfire at Israeli patrol


Although, no one was hurt when Palestinian militants opened fire at Israeli soldiers securing civilian engineering work along the Gaza border fence, IDF responded to the unprovoked attack.

By Yoav Zitun


An IDF tank shelled and destroyed a Hamas military post in the Gaza Strip on Monday in response to gunfire opened at Israelis soldiers earlier.

The soldiers were securing civilian engineering work near the Gaza border fence in the southern part of the strip when they came under fire by Palestinian militants.

IDF tank-shells hit Hamas post east of Bureij, Gaza in responce to attack on IDF patrol on Israel's border. - not attributed

IDF tank-shells hit Hamas post east of Bureij, Gaza in response to attack on IDF patrol on Israel’s border.

Continue Reading »

Hamas seen test-launching new longer-range missiles in Gaza


Israel’s southern residents can view from their homes Hamas’ belligerent missile launches, which cast doubt on Israeli wishes that an enduring calm could continue for all concerned.

By Matan Tzuri

Israel’s southern residents, living just minutes from the Gaza border, have become increasingly worried by the sight of rocket experiments conducted by Hamas which can be seen from their home windows.

 Hamas rocket darts across the sky for Israel' southern residents to view - Photo: Ynet video screenshot

Hamas rocket darts across the sky for Israel’ southern residents to view – Photo: Ynet video screenshot

While the IDF is convinced that Hamas currently has little interest in the renewal of hostilities, and with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman adamant that escalation is currently out of the question, the military also remains certain that the terrorist organization reigning in Gaza is preparing for a future round of violence—a fact which it does virtually nothing to hide.

Continue Reading »

Gaza entrepreneur: Hamas open to Israeli economic cooperation


The idea, arousing the interest amongst businesspeople in plastics, agriculture, assembling electronic components, and metal work, can provide a livelihood for 60,000 families, the far majority from Gaza, who are suffering a 60% unemployment rate.



“The poor and the hungry try to agitate not because they love disturbances but because they want to be taken into account and paid attention to,” says Gaza businessman Nabil Bouab.

Nabil Bouab – Photo: americanportfolios

Bouab agreed to be interviewed by “Globes” following the article featuring Israeli businessman Shlomi Fogel, the owner of Ampa and Israel Shipyards. Well connected in the Arab world, Fogel called on Israeli businesspeople and their counterparts in Gaza and the Arab world, “to come to Gaza now,” and be partners in setting up five or six industrial zones and free trade areas along the Israel-Gaza border, on the Israeli side. Continue Reading »

102 Gazans unable to enter Bethlehem for Palestine Marathon


Israeli authorities say ‘Palestinian officials are being provocative’ since the Palestinian Olympic Committee submitted the Gaza runners’ names late, leaving insufficient time for COGAT to prepare permits, then exploiting the sport for political gain by blaming Israel.

By Elior Levy


4,300 runners competed in the fourth annual Palestine Marathon on Friday in Bethlehem.

Despite the festive atmosphere, the event was not free of political tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. 102 Gazans requested permission to participate in the race including Nader Al-Masri, who represented the Palestinians at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and won the Palestine Marathon last year. Continue Reading »

WATCH REPORT: Hamas-Israel Ceasefire for Lifting Gaza Blockade

By i24news


Gaza-based Palestinian Islamist group Hamas held meetings with representatives from the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip during which it updated them with the details of talks with European and American officials about a ceasefire with Israel.

A picture taken from the Israeli side of the border shows rockets being fired by Palestinian militants from the Gaza strip into Israel – Photo: AFP

A spokesperson for Hamas said that any proposal offered regarding a ceasefire will be presented to the Palestinian factions. Continue Reading »

Video: Hamas digging, building border outposts instead of rebuilding homes

Israelis filmed this, showing armed & masked Hamas fighters at work preparing for a possible future violence with Israel; ‘They’re building outposts & training facilities right under our noses,’ area resident says.

By Matan Tzuri


Hamas is preparing for the next round of fighting against Israel by building fortifications near the Israel-Gaza border, video footage filmed this week not far from the border fence shows.

Armed and masked, Hamas fighters are seen in the video digging and setting up outposts and training facilities only dozens of meters from the border fence. At some point, two armed and masked Hamas fighters are seen helping a man descend – possibly into the ground. Continue Reading »

Israel to sell Gaza produce for first time since 2007

Subject to Health Ministry inspections, the first shipments of tomatoes & eggplants are expected on Sunday.
• This move will help Gaza farmers as well as meet the demands of the ‘shmita year’, when according to religious law, fields in Israel must lie fallow.

By Daniel Siryoti, Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


Following intensive ground work by Israel’s Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories and Agriculture Ministry, a decision has been made to allow fruit and vegetables grown in the Gaza Strip to be shipped to and sold in Israel for the first time in nearly eight years. The process will be coordinated between the Israel Tax Authority and the Palestinian Authority. Continue Reading »

Hamas Bars Gaza War Orphans from Visiting Israel

Shin Bet approved field-trip for Gaza’s orphans to visit Israel and the PA, to experience what life is outside of the Strip, but Hamas forbids attempt at ‘normalization.’

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Hamas on Sunday prevented dozens of children orphaned during its 50-day war with Israel from entering Israeli territory in a pre-arranged trip, organizers and officials said – despite Israel making the effort to allow the children to visit.

The week-long visit was planned for 37 children whose parents were killed by Israel in the Gaza Strip in July and August this year. It was organized by an Israeli kibbutz group and local Arab-Israeli officials.

Continue Reading »

IDF agrees to export used Israeli cars to Gaza – but will Abbas Agree?

Currently, the new cars exported from Israel are for the wealthy Gazans, but importing used vehicles would appeal to the Strip’s middle class.

By Daniel Schmil


The Israel Defense Forces’ Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories is due to approve the export of used Israeli cars to the Gaza Strip, TheMarker has learned. Israel already allows the import of new cars into the territory.

Palestinian children play in a damaged car outside a U.N. school in Gaza City, Sept. 3, 2014.

Palestinian children play in a damaged car outside a U.N. school in Gaza City, Sept. 3, 2014. – Photo: AP

Following the easing of some other aspects of its blockade on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, officials at COGAT have decided to allow the import into Gaza of used cars, in the hope it will aid Gaza’s economy and create jobs for workers who would be involved in servicing the cars.

Continue Reading »

Israel Navy Destroys Weapons-Smuggling Vessel on Gaza Coast

4 Palestinian ‘fishermen’ are missing with a ship destroyed, in latest example of Hamas’s ‘marine intifada’ as IDF continues its blockade on weapons smuggling.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Gaza’s “marine intifada” has escalated further, AFP reports Monday, after the Israeli navy apprehended six fishermen who were smuggling weapons into Gaza from Egypt.

The Israeli navy fired on two boats off the coast, officials from the Hamas run security services told the news agency, leaving two fishermen wounded and four missing. It was not immediately clear whether the four had been arrested, the officials added.

The Israeli military confirmed that naval fire had destroyed one boat it said had been involved in smuggling, but had no information about the four fishermen reported missing. Continue Reading »