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Unidentified IDF knapsack with weapons returned to security forces by Palestinian Arabs


An army knapsack filled classified material, numerous weapons & ammunition was found by Palestinian Arabs on Route 35 near Hevron, and returned to Israeli forces via Palestinian police.

By Uzi Baruch


Palestinian Arabs found an IDF knapsack containing classified materials near Hevron, and returned it to Israeli security forces.

Weapons seized by Netzah Yehuda – the IDF’s haredi (ultra-Orthodox) battalion – Photo courtesy: Nahal Haredi Foundation

According to the report on Channel 2, the Arabs claimed that they found the bag on Route 35, near Hevron. It contained classified materials, as well as army uniforms and ready-to-use weapons.

The Arabs who found the knapsack notified PA security forces, and turned it over to them. Continue Reading »

IDF publishes ‘Nine Commandments for the Orthodox soldier’


As the IDF prepares to induct more religious soldiers into Netzah Yehuda, the army releases pamphlet titled ‘Defending the Nation, Guarding the Torah’ to help Israel’s ultra-orthodox soldiers operate without Shabbat desecration.

By Yoav Zitun

In the early morning hours of last Saturday, members of Netzah Yehuda – the IDF’s haredi (ultra-Orthodox) battalion – participated in a special forces operation in the Jenin refugee camp. The haredi soldiers were securing the perimeter of the area of operations; they may have wondered to themselves whether they broke Shabbat before and after the complex operation.

IDF members in  Netzah Yehuda – the IDF's haredi battalion - Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF members in Netzah Yehuda – the IDF’s haredi battalion – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The IDF admits to the difficulties of catering to haredi soldiers and has produced an instructions manual for the battalion, in an attempt to solve a few of the dilemmas faced by religious soldiers who participate in operational actions on Shabbat.
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