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Report: South Korea seeks Israeli spy satellite


According to a South Korean news report, Seoul is interested in severing dependance on American spy satellites by gathering first-hand intel from the leasing if an Israeli satellite.



South Korea is considering leasing an Israeli spy satellite, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.

According to the report, South Korea is interested in becoming independent in space, rather than being dependent on American spy satellites.

The launch of Israel's Ofek 11 spy satellite. - J'lemPost photo: Courtesy

The launch of Israel’s Ofek 11 spy satellite. – J’lemPost photo: Courtesy

The possibility of leasing an Israeli spy satellite is being considered as tensions have risen on the Korean peninsula due to North Korea’s accelerated development of missiles and its threats to use nuclear weapons. Continue Reading »

Young IDF officer puts scientists to shame, fixes orbiting satellite

Israel’s Ofek 5 satellite provided vital intel for years until mysterious fault rapidly degraded photos’ quality; top scientists were at a loss until young major develops solution, saves State of Israel NIS 500 million ($135 million)

By Akiva Novick

The aviation industry’s top experts were doubtful, the Defense Ministry‘s scientists incredulous, but Yanki, a young, driven IDF officer holding the rank of a major, developed a unique model that saved the vital Ofek 5 satellite from ruin and put it back in operation.

Major Yanki – Photo: Alex Kolomoisky

Along the way he also singlehandedly saved the State a sum near NIS 500 million. Continue Reading »