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Economic prosperity is reason Jenin withdrew from latest wave of Palestinian terrorism


Once the home of suicide bombers, Jenin is now the quietest city in the West Bank after district leaders rushed to restore calm, because the residents realized their economic prosperity could end, since ‘an attack on Israelis is an attack against us,’ says local businessman.

By Elior Levy


Jenin, once a stronghold of suicide bombers, is the quietest town in the West Bank these days. After four attempted terror attacks at the nearby Jalamah checkpoint, the people there understood their economic prosperity could be endangered and immediately took action to calm things down.

The ‘quiet’ Jalamah checkpoint in Jenin – Photo: Israel Border Authority

It’s a quiet morning hour at the entrance gate leading into Jenin. Continue Reading »

Boycott? Palestinians Increase Their Imports from Israel

According to new released statistics, the Palestinian Authority has seen an increase in both importing from Israel & exporting to Israel.

By Elad Benari, Canada


The Palestinian Authority (PA) really likes Israeli-made products and even prefers them over those of other countries, according to newly released statistics.

In fact, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics reported Friday, the PA has seen an increase in both importing from Israel and exporting to Israel.

According to the statistics, in January, the PA’s exports declined by 8.7 percent compared with the previous month, but its scope, which amounted to 68.6 million, was still larger by 10.1 percent compared to the same month last year. Continue Reading »