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Palestinians distribute sweets in Gaza, celebrating terrorist killing Jew

Palestinian Culture

Palestinians post on Twitter their celebration of Sunday morning’s terror attack in Ariel, killing Gal Keidan, 19, the father of 12, 47 year-old Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, and injuring one other.



Palestinians distributed sweets in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday morning following the terror attacks in Ariel, according to a video tweeted by the Palestinian Information Center, an Arabic news site, on Sunday.

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Germany charges Palestinian who targeted Christians in knife attack, with murder

For his stabbing rampage at a supermarket in Germany, in reaction to Arab media’s incitement at Israel for placing metal detectors at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, a federal prosecutor charged the Palestinian terrorist with murder, and 6 counts of attempted murder.



Germany’s federal prosecution charged a Palestinian man on Friday with murder and six counts of attempted murder.

Ahmad A., 26, wanted “to kill as many German nationals of the Christian faith as possible,” the prosecutor’s office said, according to the indictment. He wanted his actions “to be viewed in the context of an Islamic attack, and understood as a contribution to worldwide jihad.”
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Abbas’ PA jails brother & 17 yr-old son of Arab who sold 2 houses to Jews


Until the Arab who sold 2 Hevron homes to Jews turns himself in, Abbas’ PA police will not release brother & 17 yr-old son from jail.
• Jewish activists from Hebron call on Israel’s gov’t to intervene, provide protection for Arab seller and his family.

By Shlomo Piotrokovsky


In the past several days the Palestinian Authority has arrested the brother and son of a Palestinian Arab man who sold two houses to Jews in Hevron, Arutz Sheva has learned.

One of the new Hevron homes – Courtesy

When a contact approached the PA to appeal for the release of the two – one of whom is a 17-year-old boy – he was told they would not see the light of day until the seller hands himself in to PA police.
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