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Israeli scientist from the U. of Haifa discovers microplastics in milk

A simple experiment conducted by Dr. Noam van der Hal, a PhD in Environmental Sciences, revealed small fragments of plastics are ever-present in the environment and are found in many of our consumer products.

By Dominik Doehler, ZAVIT* Environment and Science News Agency


An Israeli scientist has found the presence of tiny plastic particles in three different kinds of milk, as experts are becoming increasingly concerned about potential long-term health implications.

Numerous international research studies have demonstrated that microplastics (defined by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as any plastic fragment less than 5 mm long) have found their way into almost every ecosystem on Earth as well as products for human consumption, such as fish, salt, and beer. Continue Reading »

Israel-based cleantech recycles its trash for Mercedes parts

Mercedes will be using parts & panels made with a plastic alternative produced by Israel’s UBQ, which developed a process to recycle solid garbage into a plastic-like raw material.

By Udi Etsion


Mercedes parent company Daimler AG is planning a pilot to test whether an ecological plastic alternative manufactured in Israel could be used in its vehicles, according to Israel-based cleantech startup UBQ-Zeelim Ltd.

UBQ, founded in 2014 and based in Tze’elim, a kibbutz in southern Israel, developed a process to recycle residual municipal solid waste such as food waste, soiled cardboard or paper, and mixed plastics usually destined for landfills into a plastic-like raw material. Continue Reading »