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Israel-based cleantech recycles its trash for Mercedes parts

Mercedes will be using parts & panels made with a plastic alternative produced by Israel’s UBQ, which developed a process to recycle solid garbage into a plastic-like raw material.

By Udi Etsion


Mercedes parent company Daimler AG is planning a pilot to test whether an ecological plastic alternative manufactured in Israel could be used in its vehicles, according to Israel-based cleantech startup UBQ-Zeelim Ltd.

UBQ, founded in 2014 and based in Tze’elim, a kibbutz in southern Israel, developed a process to recycle residual municipal solid waste such as food waste, soiled cardboard or paper, and mixed plastics usually destined for landfills into a plastic-like raw material. Continue Reading »

Israeli waste-to-plastics startup may end garbage dumps/landfills

UBQ, the Israeli waste-to-plastics greentech startup, begins a pilot program in the United States with the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority turning 80% of uncycled household garbage into plastic recycling bins.

By Brian Blum


An Israeli greentech startup, founded by a fabled hummus maker, has signed a deal with a Virginia-based recycling authority.

The startup, UBQ, backed by Yehuda Pearl, the founder of popular hummus brand Sabra, has developed a technology that takes the 80 percent of the household garbage that is typically not recycled and turns it into a plastic substitute that can be made into everyday goods.

UBQ thermoplastic material made from household garbage.

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