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Watch: Palestinians Riot at the Temple Mount

WATCH: Israel Police step in when Palestinians attacked Jews for bowing down, a violation of the status quo that prohibits non-Muslims from praying on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most Holy site.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Over 500 people visited the Temple Mount on Tuesday, including 400 tourists. Eight, however, were forced off by the police after they allegedly (violating the visiting conditions.”

Temple Mount Riots on 26.4.16 - FB screenshot 2

Two Jewish visitors bowed down while on the site, in contravention of the status quo that bans Jews (and only Jews) from praying while at their holiest site. After they did so, a number of Arabs attacked them, driving the pair to the ground. Continue Reading »

Jews attacked on Jerusalem Day at the Temple Mount for praying

5 Jewish men faced Muslim mob for crime of praying on Temple Mount.

Knesset to review present law prohibiting non-Muslim worship at the Jews most holy site.

By Ryan Jones


Five Jewish men were arrested on Wednesday for quietly praying atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, an expression of faith that caused the many Muslims around them to explode in fury.

Police stationed at the sensitive holy site said a mob of Muslims gathered around the Jewish men, hurling insults and nearly coming to blows before Islamic officials stepped in to restore calm on the condition the Jewish worshipers be arrested.

Jews and Christians are forbidden to pray atop the Temple Mount for fear of upsetting the Muslims that currently control the complex. Continue Reading »