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Residents from Israel’s border communities angered by NIS 70m. security cutback


Disagreement between Public Security Ministry and the Defense Ministry will leave dozens of communities on Israel’s border without a security budget beginning January 1.

By Matan Tzuri


A NIS 70 million cut to the security budget for 50 Israeli border communities will go into effect on December 31, leaving problems with the border fence unsolved, removing arms from military warehouses, and hindering the ability of security coordinators to monitor the border 7 days a week, Ynet learned on Thursday, while the Defense Ministry and Public Security Ministry both say the matter does not fall under their responsibility.

Damage to the kibbutz’s security fence will be left unfixed after the budget cut comes into effect.

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Ministry announces stricter gun-permit requirements after Be’er Sheva bank shooting

New rules are aimed at tightening licensing and preventing workplace issued guns from going home with users.

By Gili Cohen and Yaniv Kubovich


One day after a Be’er Sheva man shot dead four people in a local bank before turning his gun on himself, the Public Security Ministry on Tuesday announced new rules to limit the number of guns in circulation. School security guards will have to turn in their weapons, which guarding firms will reissue at the start of the new school year. Licensed gun owners will have to store their weapon in a safe at home. Security companies must obtain special exemptions from being required to store a weapon when its bearer is off duty, only one gun license will be issued to any single individual and anyone applying to renew a gun license must show why they need a weapon. Continue Reading »