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Israel’s Women Warriors: IDF opens all-female IDF combat unit


Radical Islamic terrorists be forewarned: A new IDF unit composed entirely of female soldiers was opened in the Lavi Battalion after hearing that male religious soldiers protested serving side by side with women. They will be the last female you ever have contact with!

By Yossi Yehoshua


The dramatic increase in the number of religious women enlisting in the IDF led to a precedent among the army’s combat units: for the first time, a unit exclusively made up of religious young women was opened.

Female combat fighters – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Those in the unit had initially signed up for a mixed battalion for boys and girls. Continue Reading »

Three Religious Girls Make Aliya to Serve in IDF Combat Unit

Being a religious woman and serving in the IDF are definitely not mutually exclusive as proven by 3 ‘lone soldiers’ Pnina Abraham, Sarah Goldberg, & Pnina Sankovich who come from religious households in North America & now serve together in an Egyptian border field intelligence unit.

By Danny Brenner


Three young religious women from North America have come to Israel to enlist in the Israel Defence Forces and serve in combat units.

From left to right: Pnina Sankovich, Sarah Goldberg, and Pnina Abraham – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The national-religious community has long debated the issue of young women enlisting in the IDF, as opposed to signing up for civil service, though recently there has a been rise in the number of religious women enlisting to field units and combat support roles.

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