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Female Muslim IDF soldier shows her mettle to serve in active infantry unit

Cpl. ‘N.’ has been threatened by her fellow villagers and even by male Arab soldiers, but she still dreams of a military career, starting in the Lions of the Jordan Valley infantry battalion, and for Arabs & Jews defending Israel together.

By  Bat-Chen Epstein Elias


When Cpl. N., who serves in the mixed-gender IDF infantry battalion Lions of the Jordan Valley, heads out on arrest operations in nearby Palestinian villages, she usually talks to the locals in Arabic.

N. is a 19-year-old pepper pot. She’s opinionated and knows what she wants to achieve. She is an observant Muslim who prays five times a day and during the Ramadan fast mostly takes night shifts. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Women Warriors: IDF opens all-female IDF combat unit


Radical Islamic terrorists be forewarned: A new IDF unit composed entirely of female soldiers was opened in the Lavi Battalion after hearing that male religious soldiers protested serving side by side with women. They will be the last female you ever have contact with!

By Yossi Yehoshua


The dramatic increase in the number of religious women enlisting in the IDF led to a precedent among the army’s combat units: for the first time, a unit exclusively made up of religious young women was opened.

Female combat fighters – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Those in the unit had initially signed up for a mixed battalion for boys and girls. Continue Reading »

IDF begins training women to become integrated as tank crew members


IDF launches pilot program, with the training of 15 women that will begin this coming summer, after completing their basic training. “We’re giving this a real chance,” says Armored Corps chief Brig. Gen. Guy Hasson.

By Lilach Shoval


The military on Thursday launched a pilot program in which women will be trained as tank operators. The program is part of the IDF’s efforts to increase gender integration in infantry combat units.

The screening process for suitable candidates among new recruits is already underway, the IDF said. The pilot will include 15 women, who will begin training in the summer after completing basic training. Continue Reading »

From Uzbekistan, the twins Fatima and Zukra join the IDF as Yael and Noga


After discovering their Jewish roots, 19yr-old twin sisters Fatima and Zukra from Uzbekistan, began an extraordinary journey of becoming IDF soldiers, Jewish, ‘Yael’ & ‘Noga’ and then finally Israeli.


They were born 19 years ago in Uzbekistan and have attended a Muslim school. When they learned of their father’s roots, they decided to come to Israel with their families. Today,  Islambakov serve in the Israel Defense Forces. One of them has converted to Judaism and the other will soon finish the conversion process. They have both changed their names. Yael and Noga’s spectacular story.

Fatima and Zukra Islambakov, twins to a Muslim mother, were born 19 years ago in Uzbekistan. Continue Reading »

Interview With Muslim & Christian Girls Volunteering For the IDF


Listening to these young Muslim & Christian Arab girls who are volunteering for the Israeli army in ever greater numbers, you wouldn’t still think Israel is a racist, apartheid state.

By David Lazarus


Young Muslim girls are joining the fight, on Israel’s side! These courageous young women have a unique and important story to tell, and together with a growing number of Christian Arab girls, they are breaking new ground joining ranks with the Israeli army.

Combat Women Warriors in the IDF – Photo source: Israel Today

When Private ‘A’, one of the Muslim girls now serving in the IDF decided to enlist, her parents refused to support her. Continue Reading »

Young Woman Becomes IDF Combat Soldier In Unit That Saved Her Grandmother

Full circle: 2 years after her grandmother was rescued by an IDF Search & Rescue team sent to the devastation in the Philippines, Israeli-born Joanna Chris Afron trains to save lives by becoming a combat soldier in the same IDF unit that saved her grandmother.

By Adva Cohen


Joanna Chris Arfon, 19, understands the importance of the unit in which she serves more than anyone else. When she enlisted in the IDF, Arfon, an Israeli of Filipino descent, asked to join the search and rescue unit of the Home Front Command, after soldiers from the unit saved her grandmother from a vicious typhoon that hit the Philippines.  Continue Reading »

IDF reports More women soldiers seeking to serve in combat units


IDF’s Chief of staff aid: “We’re seeing growing numbers of women in combat roles compared to last year,”



There is growing motivation among women in Israel’s military to join combat units, the Israel Defense Forces said Monday, citing new data.

Female IDF defender at the Kotel, Jerusalem – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Office

“We’re seeing growing numbers of women in combat roles compared to last year. There are more women interested in significant service in the IDF as combat soldiers,” said Brig.-Gen. Raheli Tavat-Vizel, who advises the chief of staff on women’s affairs in the military.

Continue Reading »

Is the IDF to Choose: Hareidim or Women Soldiers?

Women’s groups and political organizations have been pressuring the IDF to place more women in more combat units throughout the IDF.

By Arutz Sheva



Political organizations and women’s groups are putting pressure on the IDF to press on with the integration of women in the army’s combat units.

Elinor JosephThe organizations are joined by senior reserve officers who are offering a wide strategic plan for embedding women in all levels of the combat array.

One of the senior officers is the head of the Institute for National Security Studies, Major General (res.) Amos Yadlin, who said at a round table conference held by the Israeli Democracy Institute Tuesday that the integration of women into military units enhances Israel’s strength. Continue Reading »

IDF female soldiers fight Hamas vis-à-vis UGA

Female IDF soldiers may be the guiding hand to destroy Hamas. They are staffing the new “unmanned ground vehicles” (UGA) on Gaza’s border.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


IDF female soldiers may be the guiding hand to destroy Hamas by staffing new “unmanned ground vehicles” that patrol the tense Gaza border.

'Guardium' unmanned ground vehicle patrols Gaza border

‘Guardium’ unmanned ground vehicle patrols Gaza border – Israel news photo: IDF

Hamas snipers, anti-tank missiles and explosives threaten IDF soldiers, but the new Guardium Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), which patrols the Gaza fence around the clock, will; save lives, as well as money.

The Guardium is unarmed, but is equipped with 360-degree cameras and a loudspeaker. Continue Reading »