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IDF institutes new policy: Terrorists launching incendiary-kites will be targeted

After 3 months, 1000 fires, and hundreds of millions lost in environmental and agricultural terrorism, the Israeli gov’t directed the IDF Southern Command to ‘adjust’ their response policy to Hamas’ terror-kites and incendiary balloon launchers.

By Tzvi Lev


Southern Command head General Herzi Halevi said on Sunday that Israel would start targeting terrorists responsible for launching incendiary kites into Israel, more than three months after the phenomenon began.

“We have prepared for these things in recent weeks. We understand that there is a change in thinking about how to deal with the fire terrorism, and we have developed all sorts of things in order to expand the response,” Halevi said at a meeting of commanders whose units are deployed near Gaza. Continue Reading »

New rules of engagement for Israel Police allow live fire against some rock-throwers


In response to an NGO petition to the Lod District Court, it has been revealed that new security rules were put into place to combat the current 9-month long wave of deadly Palestinian violence directed against Israelis.



Portions of the police’s classified new intifada rules of engagement approved by then-attorney-general Yehuda Weinstein in September 2015 to combat a wave of violence have been publicized, the NGO Adalah announced on Monday.

A Palestinian throws a stone at a Border Police vehicle during a protest near Ramallah. – Photo: REUTERS

The parts of the rules which were made public came under pressure from a petition by Adalah to the Lod District Court in its administrative court capacity. Continue Reading »