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Salafi leader says Jordan may be next and destroying Israel is a priority


Mohammed al-Shalabi, a senior Salafi militant leader in Jordan, urges the kingdom to implement Shariah law & more balanced social policies.

Al-Shalabi also announced that fighting Israel is a priority for the Salafis: “One day Israel will be removed.”

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


An al-Qaida-linked Jordanian militant leader warned on Friday that the kingdom was “not immune” to the chaos befalling neighboring countries, although he acknowledged that a Sunni extremist group’s recent declaration of a caliphate spanning Syria and Iraq was threatening to divide the jihadi movement.

Senior Jordanian Salafi movement leader Mohammed al-Shalab – Photo: AP

Mohammed al-Shalabi, a senior leader of ultraconservative Muslims known as Salafis in Jordan, told The Associated Press that the fighting between rival militant factions in Syria already has already undermined the battle against President Bashar Assad.

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Thousands bury al-Qaeda terrorists killed by Special Forces


Radical Islamists terrorists killed by Israeli forces in Hebron buried in West Bank.

Both Israel & the PA are concerned by rise of jihadi Salafis in territories.

By the Associated Press



Thousands of mourners attended the funerals Wednesday of suspected Palestinian terrorists who were killed in an IDF raid in the West Bank Tuesday.

Yamam, urban special forces

Yamam, urban special forces – MAGAV training film screenshot

The three were jihadi Salafis, or followers of a violent stream of puritanical Islam, and had planned attacks on Israelis and on the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian self-rule government in the West Bank, said Lt. Continue Reading »

Hamas jail 6 Islamist extremists in Gaza

The statement by the Hamas gov’t in Gaza comes days after an IAF airstrike killed a Salafi who was responsible for recent rocket attack on southern Israel from Gaza and the Sinai.


The Gaza Strip’s Hamas government says it has arrested six militant extremists it says is suspected of stealing weapons and plotting attacks.

Members of Hamas security forces.

Members of Hamas security forces take part in a graduation ceremony in Gaza. – Photo: Reuters


Hamas’ Interior Ministry said Thursday that four men were charged with stealing rockets belonging to Palestinian militants and two others had tried to attack targets in Gaza. Continue Reading »