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Israel’s ‘Eyes in the Sky’ perform intelligence missions 24/7 to stay 4 steps ahead


Israel Air Force combines manned and unmanned aircraft in multiple, overlapping intelligence gathering missions in order to anticipate then neutralize future threats.



The Air Force’s reconnaissance aircraft have been flying more intelligence missions in light of rising threats along Israel’s borders and the continuing wave of Palestinian violence in the West Bank.

The small and unassuming Sde Dov Airport is tucked between the city’s Tel Aviv Port and the Ramat Aviv neighborhood, taking civilians away on vacation. But the hybrid civilian/military airport is also where the air force’s First Squadron planes is based, and took off to fly at least 6,000 hours in 2016 alone. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv Airport Security Discover Hand Grenade in Luggage of Female Passenger


Sde Dov Airport security personnel were a bit shocked to find grenade and ammo magazines with dozens of assault rifle bullets among the personal items of the female passenger’s check-in luggage.

By Ido Ben-Porat


Security personnel at the Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv on Wednesday morning seized weapons including a hand grenade, ammunition magazines and dozens of assault rifle bullets in the luggage of a female passenger.
The grenade and bullets

The grenade and bullets – Photo courtesy: Airport Authority

The passenger, an Israeli resident of Eilat who arrived for the morning flight from Tel Aviv to Eilat, was asked about the contents of her luggage as is standard protocol. Continue Reading »