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Under threat of personal safety, Kurdish parents bring child to Israeli hospital

Coming from Iraqi Kurdistan, a Kurdish mom says they were “not hostages in the hospital,” and they ventured out to see the country, including touring Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and even going to pray on the Temple Mount.



After being bombed and attacked by both the Turkish Army and its allied Free Syrian Army Forces in Afrin last year, Aram (name changed for security reasons) and her family – Kurds who were native to northern Syria – were forced to flee to Iraqi Kurdistan, much like the hundreds of thousands of Syrians who have recently become refugees due to the Turkish military operation. Continue Reading »

Israel & Christian foundation save Syrian child’s heart

Israel, with the help of a Christian organization, has been providing life-saving heart care to Arab kids from around the region. Recently, they saved a little Syrian girl.

By Israel Today Staff


For several months now Israel has been treating Syrian civilians wounded in their country’s ongoing civil war. The situation has also given Israel an opportunity to add Syrian children to the list of those from around the Middle East who are receiving life-saving heart treatment in the Jewish state.

Treatment in Israeli Hospital - Photo credit, Shevet Achim

Treatment in Israeli Hospital – Photo credit, Shevet Achim

The Times of Israel has an absolutely moving story in which a reporter spends the day with a Syrian mother, her afflicted daughter, and a staff member of Shevet Achim, an Israel-based Christian organization that arranges to bring Arab, Kurdish and Turkish children from across the region to Israel for treatment. Continue Reading »