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Palestinian Authority seeks energy independence from Israel

With a debt over $500 million that the Palestinian authorities owe the Israel Electric Company from refusing to pay for its energy, the PA is seeking donors to build them an alternative power supply.

By Linda Gradstein, The Media Line


Palestinians plan to begin using solar, wind and geothermal power in an effort to cut their dependence on Israeli energy and save money at the same time.

Solar thermal collectors in Tirat Carmel – Photo: Mohammad Shinawi

The Palestinian Authority has approved a national plan to reach ten percent power generation from renewable sources by 2020, and a new energy law set to be approved soon calls for energy generation programs. Continue Reading »

Israel Developed an Everlasting Solar Battery

Israeli Sol Chip has made a limitless power device with its rechargeable solar-powered battery by combining solar cell and microchip technologies.



A battery with infinite power. Has the Israeli company Sol Chip found the way to do it? The Haifa-based company has developed the world’s first solar battery that is able to recharge itself to power wireless sensors and mobile electronics devices. Operable in sunlight and low-light environments, the batteries are a result of the cross pollination of solar cell and microchip technologies.

solchip Sol Chip Creates The Everlasting Solar Battery

The solar chip

“The company offers the missing technology that will improve batteries’ life or in many cases eliminate the need in a battery as a power source in low power applications,” says CEO and founder of Sol Chip, Dr. Continue Reading »

Israelis Take Solar Technology Overseas

With $10m Arava Power president, Yosef Abramowitz launches global solar firm.

Abramowitz named”Person of the Year” at energy conference.


With the George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun” playing in the background, Arava Power Company President Yosef Abramowitz received the “Person of the Year” award at the 2012 Israel Energy and Business Convention on Sunday – where he simultaneously announced the establishment of a global solar firm with a $10 million fundraising deal.

Solar panels installed on rooftops in Spain by ET - Photo: Courtesy

Solar panels installed on rooftops in Spain by ET – Photo: Courtesy

Abramowitz and his staff were the pioneers behind Israel’s first medium-sized solar field, the 4.95-megawatt Ketura Sun launched at Kibbutz Ketura in June 2011.

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Forget going for the Olympic ‘gold’, Israel will go for Beijing ‘green’ in 2013

Students & researchers from 20 countries will submit their entries in the Solar Decathlon China competition set to take place in August, 2013 • The Israeli team has developed a green house that generates more electricity than it uses.

By lan Gattegno


An Israeli team will submit an entry for the prestigious Solar Decathlon China competition scheduled for August 2013. The competition will include academic teams from 20 countries who will compete for the title of champion of ecological construction. The Israeli team, including members from Tel Aviv University, Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Neri Bloomfield School of Design and Education, and the College of Management Academic Studies, will present an innovative ecological (“green”) house that will generate more electricity than it needs to function.

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