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REPORT: Israel Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development only used 39% earmarked for periphery


Comptroller: Minister Ariel allowed close associates ‘to make decisions based on personal interests,’ diverting 43% of the NIS 51 million to well-established cities like Modi’in, Tel Aviv & Raanana, that was earmarked for increased construction to lower housing prices in the Negev and the Galilee.

By Yehonatan Bnaya, Yaron Druckman


Millions of shekels earmarked for developing and bolstering Israel’s geographic and social periphery were instead invested in housing projects in central Israel, State Comptroller Yosef Shapira determined in a report released on Tuesday.

Uri Ariel – Photo: Volcani-Institute

The comptroller, who examined the Construction Ministry’s conduct from 2013-2015 under Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi), found that Ariel appointed close associates who share his political and ideological interests to key positions in the ministry and allowed them to interfere in the implementation of a government plan to develop the periphery. Continue Reading »

Published in U.S.: Buried Secret Israeli Report on Temple Mount Irregularities

News Report published by American Jewish media on Israeli authorities’ negligence regarding supervision of Muslim digs at Temple Mount, was buried by the Israeli gov’t in 2007.



The American news website The Jewish Voice has published a translation of an Israeli State Comptroller’s report on Israeli authorities’ conduct regarding digs at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount in 2007. In Israel, a gag order was placed on the report due to fears it would harm Israel’s foreign relations and spark violent confrontations at the Temple Mount. News of the Jewish Voice report was first published in the Israeli weekend newspaper Sof Hashavua. Continue Reading »

State comptroller: Jewish Marriage Protocols a Disaster


Israel’s State comptroller finds a hornet’s nest of irregularities in the marriage process for Jewish citizens, with rabbis double-charging, religious councils overcharging couples,  bookkeeping & receipts lacking, and almost no objective oversight.

By Israel Hayom Staff


The marriage registration process is all tied up in knots, characterized by missing records, financial irregularities and lack of enforcement of laws and regulations, the state comptroller’s annual report has found.

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