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Analysis: Caroline Glick outlines why Israel now needs to pass on U.S. aid


The current US military aid package is really a deal for Lockheed Martin, not for Israel, and we need to say ‘no’ since it’s structured to dangerously diminish Israel’s strategic independence.

Column one: Time to walk away from US aid


On Monday, acting head of the National Security Council Yaakov Nagel will sit down with his US counterpart, Susan Rice, and try to conclude negotiations about a new, multi-year defense assistance package.

To prevent the F-35’s single engine from melting down, the weapons bays must be opened every 10 minutes, negating its stealth systems. – Photo: LOCKHEED MARTIN

We must all hope that he fails. Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force to send its pilots to train on F-35 stealth jets


Brig-Gen Tal Kalman says the F-35 will further boost IAF’s regional advantage, that the IAF is already “more lethal than it was in the past & can attack thousands of targets daily, while producing intelligence with a low signature.”

By Gil Ronen


The IAF is set to begin sending its pilots to train on F-35 stealth jets in the US and according to Brigadier General Tal Kalman, Head of IAF Staff, media criticism of the jet is not justified. The IAF is supposed to receive its first F-35s in December.

Speaking at a conference sponsored by Israel Defense and the Fisher Institute, Kalman said that many of the changes that took place in the Middle East in recent months had not been anticipated by the IDF. Continue Reading »