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Biden puts hold on F-35 sale to UAE that’s intended to counter Iranian threat

Although Israel agreed with sale, Biden’s State Dept. calls decision to freeze the $23 billion UAE deal a ‘routine action’ that new administrations can take on large-scale foreign arms sales, but declined to say if halt is permanent.
– Was this Biden’s payoff to entice Ayatollah Khamenei’s good favor?

By the Associated Press


The Biden administration has put a temporary hold on several major foreign arms sales initiated by former president Donald Trump, with officials saying that includes a massive $23 billion transfer of stealth F-35 fighter jets to the United Arab Emirates.

That sale and several other massive purchases of U.S. Continue Reading »

US cancels Turkey’s F-35 program agreement

Washington explicitly voiced its disagreement with Turkey’s acquisition of Russia’s S-400 missile defense system while also having American F-35s in the region, since it would allow Moscow to gain too much inside information about the stealth systems, a condition deemed impermissible by the Pentagon.

By Elad Benari


The United States announced on Wednesday that it was removing Turkey from the F-35 fighter jet program in the wake of Ankara accepting the delivery of the S-400 advanced Russian missile defense system last week.

The first parts of the S-400 air defense system were flown to the Murted military air base northwest of Ankara on Friday, sealing Turkey’s deal with Russia, which Washington had struggled for months to prevent. Continue Reading »

USAF F-35A , UK F-35B, Israel’s F-35I train together over Med

No one is bringing up Iran, but F-35 stealth fighter pilots from Israel, UK, and US are training together with their variant aircrafts in the joint ‘Tri-Lightening’ exercises over the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jets from the United States, United Kingdom and Israel participated in a joint exercise over the eastern Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday.

The exercise, dubbed “Tri-Lightning”, was the first of its kind to bring together F-35 fighters from the three countries air forces.

IAF F35i ‘Adir’ fly over Jerusalem. – Photo: Israel Air Force/facebook

The one-day defensive counter air exercise included both friendly and “enemy” aircraft from the three countries, and included use of both active and passive defense operations. Continue Reading »

US freezes F35 deal with Turkey over purchase of Russian S-400 missile system

Having ignored NATO & US warnings against Turkey’s instance to acquire the Russian S-400 missile defense system, Washington halts F-35 equipment transfers to Ankara and will possibly freeze deal where two jets are expected to be handed over this month.



The Pentagon’s decision to stop the delivery of equipment related to the F-35 stealth fighter jet to Turkey due to Ankara’s decision to purchase the Russian-made S-400 air defense system will allow Israel to keep it’s aerial superiority in the Middle East.

Washington’s move follows repeated warnings both from the United States and NATO allies to Ankara that buying the Russian system alongside the Lockheed Martin-produced jets would threaten the security of the F-35s by learning how to spot and track it. Continue Reading »

Israeli built wings for F-35 keeps fighter-jet undetectable

The Israeli production line for 1622 stealth wings for the F-35 fighter-jet is expected to generate revenues estimated at $2.5 billion over the next 10-15 years.



Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has launched a production line for the outer wing set of the F-35 stealth fighter key component to make the advanced fighter jet invisible to radar, the company announced.

“The construction of the new production line significantly upgrades IAI’s technological capabilities, automation and robotics, and will enable the company to establish itself as a major player in the military and civilian aerostructures,” read a statement by IAI. Continue Reading »

Israeli satellite captures images of Russian stealth fighter jets at Syrian air base

Israeli satellite images posted on Twitter offer credence to accusations of Moscow exploiting Syria as a testing ground for Russia’s newest fighter jets.



Israeli satellite imagery has confirmed the deployment of Russia’s newest Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighter jets in war-torn Syria.

Images of the two planes being escorted to the Russian Khmeimeim Air Force base in the coastal province of Latakia being escorted by Russian SU-30SMs were first published on Twitter by local activists on Thursday.

ISI photo – Screen Shot/ Wolfgang Dressler @dressler_w, Twitter

On Saturday satellite operator iSi released a statement saying that their Israeli Eros B satellite spotted the two jets which are not fully operational. Continue Reading »

WATCH: More F-35 stealths arrive in Israel for ‘Jewish conversion’ of ‘Made in Israel’ electronics


Upon arrival of the three F-35 jets, still plagued with original glitches, each aircraft will be immediately fitted with ‘Made in Israel’ electronic systems transferring the stealth fighter to a F-35i ‘Adir’, the most advanced jet-fighter in the world.

By Itay Blumental


Three F-35 stealth fighter jets landed on Sunday in Nevatim Airbase in the Negev, joining two others that arrived about four months ago.

The three planes will undergo a thorough testing and implementation procedure lasting about a year.

Israel became the first country after the US to receive the American-built jets, which will increase its ability to attack distant targets. Continue Reading »

3 more F-35 stealth fighters to arrive in Israel Sunday


Upon delivery of the 3 new F-35s to the IAF, Israel’s fleet of the advanced stealth fighter-jets are to be modified with uniquely Israeli electronics, designating the further advanced aircraft as the F-35i.



Israel is to take delivery of three more F-35 stealth fighters from the United States on Sunday, adding to two which arrived in December, an army statement said.

They are among 50 that Israel has agreed to buy from aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

Israel’s first F-35i “Adir” on its ‘Maiden Flight’ – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

US President Donald Trump has publicly upbraided Lockheed over “out of control” costs of the plane, the most expensive in history. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IAF F-35i jets declared ‘combat-ready’ for December’s delivery to Israel

view videoThe F-35I, or “Adir” in Hebrew, which is expected to arrive in Israel in December, is the 5th generation stealth fighter jet that will position the Israeli Air Force at the cutting edge of stealth technology.

By Lilach Shoval, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


The U.S. Air Force on Tuesday declared an initial squadron of Lockheed Martin Corp F-35A fighter jets ready for combat, marking a major milestone for a program that has faced cost overruns and delays.

The Israeli Air Force has thus far purchased 33 F-35s — the first of which is expected to arrive in Israel in December — and intends to purchase more in the future. Continue Reading »

Analysis: Caroline Glick outlines why Israel now needs to pass on U.S. aid


The current US military aid package is really a deal for Lockheed Martin, not for Israel, and we need to say ‘no’ since it’s structured to dangerously diminish Israel’s strategic independence.

Column one: Time to walk away from US aid


On Monday, acting head of the National Security Council Yaakov Nagel will sit down with his US counterpart, Susan Rice, and try to conclude negotiations about a new, multi-year defense assistance package.

To prevent the F-35’s single engine from melting down, the weapons bays must be opened every 10 minutes, negating its stealth systems. – Photo: LOCKHEED MARTIN

We must all hope that he fails. Continue Reading »

HISTORIC EVENT: Israel receives first F-35 Lightning II fighter jet


view videoIDF will not only take possession of the first F-35 exported from the US, but all classified communications systems used in the jets will be produced in Israel, and the IAF will use its own electronic warfare systems, making the fighter-jet uniquely ‘Jewish’.

By Kobi Finkler


The IDF will become the first country outside of the United States to possess the groundbreaking F-35 Lightning II fighter jet, which it will call the Adir.

F-35 Lightning II – US Air Force

The first two planes will reach Israel in about six months, with another 17 arriving by the end of 2017.
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IDF says Mideast arms proliferation jeopardizes IAF military edge


As Gulf countries acquire more & more sophisticated weapons, and sanctions relief begins to strengthen the Iranian economy, Jerusalem is concerned that the IDF’s qualitative edge in the region is being diminished.

By Reuters


Israel’s neighbors are buying arms on a scale that threatens its regional military superiority, the deputy Israeli air force chief said on Sunday, in remarks that appeared aimed at helping secure more defense aid from a reluctant Washington.

US military payouts to Israel, currently around $3 billion annually, expire in 2018, and Israeli officials have spoken of needing around $4.5 billion. US officials have balked at such an increase.  Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force to send its pilots to train on F-35 stealth jets


Brig-Gen Tal Kalman says the F-35 will further boost IAF’s regional advantage, that the IAF is already “more lethal than it was in the past & can attack thousands of targets daily, while producing intelligence with a low signature.”

By Gil Ronen


The IAF is set to begin sending its pilots to train on F-35 stealth jets in the US and according to Brigadier General Tal Kalman, Head of IAF Staff, media criticism of the jet is not justified. The IAF is supposed to receive its first F-35s in December.

Speaking at a conference sponsored by Israel Defense and the Fisher Institute, Kalman said that many of the changes that took place in the Middle East in recent months had not been anticipated by the IDF. Continue Reading »

Israel’s First F-35 Fighter Jet Unveiled in Texas


As in all IAF aircraft, the stealth fighter named Adir, will have Israeli weapons and aviation systems integrated into the aircraft, advancing its technological capabilities, while also injecting millions of Shekels into the local economy.

By Lilach Shoval & Israel Hayom Staff


The body of Israel’s first F-35A joint strike fighter plane was unveiled at a festive ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas, over the weekend. The plane, named Adir, will now enter the advanced production stage, which is set to last until June.

Israeli delegation head Aharon Marmarosh signs the frame of the first Israeli F-35 – Photo: Defense Ministry and Lockheed Martin

The ceremony was attended by officials from U.S. Continue Reading »

Israel to Double F-35 Range Because of Iran Deal


Israel Air Force engineers are working to double the range and capabilities of the US made stealth jets, as the first planes made specifically for Israel are due to arrive in December 2016.

By Tova Dvorin


Israel is actively working to double the range of its F-35 defense fighters, officials said Thursday, in an announcement made just before the Senate Congress vote on the Iran deal.

Israel’s F-35s are tailor-made by Lockheed Martin, and named Adir (lit. “awesome.”). The first two Adirs are due to be delivered to the Israeli Air Force (IAF) in December 2016.

The development was specifically made with “an eye on Iran” and other Middle East developments. Continue Reading »