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A look at how US military aid to Israel will boost IDF ground forces

With the bulk of the $38 billion in US military aid to Israel over the next 10 years earmarked for the acquisition of aircraft, IDF ground-forces can look forward to some new, state-of-the-art materiel and bases.

By Yoav Zitun


The US is providing Israel with $38 billion in military aid over a decade, in one the final acts of international diplomacy by former US president Barack Obama. And as with most American military aid to Israel, the lion’s share is earmarked for further strengthening the Air Force — supplying the driving force of Israel’s military might with new jets and precision armaments. Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force set to sign $11 billion military aircraft deal with Boeing

Other than acquiring new refueling tanker, Chinook transport helicopters etc, new jet-fighters developed from the original F-15 will be a completely new edition with Israeli avionics and be known as the IA F-15 (an acronym for Israel Advanced) and would include improved features, including certain stealth capabilities.
• The deal is expected to be spread out over 10 years. Last Boeing deal was 20 years ago.

By Yoav Limor


Israel is considering the purchase of new F-15 fighter jets for its air force as part of the largest defense deal in Israel’s history.

The deal with aircraft manufacturer Boeing, worth a combined $11 billion, is likely to include three main components: A fleet of fighter jets, a fleet of transport helicopters and aerial refueling tankers. Continue Reading »

Leading US lawmakers seek to increase Obama’s defense aid package to Israel

Democratic member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Chris Coons: Mid-East tensions support added funding towards Israeli defense systems.
• Senator Lindsey Graham (Rep.) says certain aspects of Obama’s 2016 defense deal restricting Israel’s investment in its own missile technology were “shortsighted.”

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


U.S. senators who just returned from a trip to Israel called on Tuesday for an increase in the $38 billion in military aid the United States is currently providing Israel, signaling support for more funds for Israeli missile systems.

Israeli and American flags fly next to an Arrow missile battery. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Senators Lindsey Graham, a leading Republican foreign policy voice, and Chris Coons, a Democratic member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said they considered the provision of $38 billion over 10 years, “a floor.” Continue Reading »

Trump to renew Military Aid to Egypt after Obama halted it with fall of Islamic Brotherhood


Although Egypt has long been one of Washington’s closest allies in the Middle East, Obama halted US military aid with Egypt after the coup d’état that unseated Muslim Brotherhood strongman Mohamed Morsi.

By Reuters


WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump will seek to rebuild the US relationship with Egypt at a Monday meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi focused on security issues and military aid, a senior White House official said on Friday.

“He wants to use President Sisi’s visit to reboot the bilateral relationship and build on the strong connection the two presidents established when they first met in New York last September,” the official told reporters. Continue Reading »

Trump cuts State Department funds but keeps ‘Aid to Israel’ intact


Trump’s budget, titled “America First,” cuts foreign funding for the World Bank and the UN, but the administration vows to ensure that Israel “has the ability to defend itself from threats and maintain its Qualitative Military Edge.”



WASHINGTON — ​A budget outline published by the Trump administration on Thursday respects an agreement made between former US President Barack Obama and the Israeli government to transfer $3.1 billion in foreign military financing to the Jewish state in 2018, despite massive cuts elsewhere across the State Department.

Last year, the US and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding meant to govern American defense assistance to the state for the next decade. Continue Reading »

Fallacy: Israel receives largest share of US military aid


Most detractors of the Jewish State cite the myth that Israel receives the largest share of US military aid, but in fact, Israel receives only a small fraction of American military aid, and no less than 70% of that must be spent in the US to the benefit of American workers and the economy.

Myth: Israel is the largest beneficiary of US Military Aid – By Prof. Hillel Frisch


Countless articles discrediting Israel (as well as many other better-intentioned articles) ask how it is that a country as small as Israel receives the bulk of US military aid. Israel receives 55%, or $US3.1 billion per year, followed by Egypt, which receives 23%. Continue Reading »

Confirmed: Hezbollah using in Syria U.S. made APC’s given to Lebanese Army


Senior IDF officer confirms to the US of Hezbollah’s use in Syria of American armored personnel carriers that were  earmarked as military aid to Lebanon.



Israel has informed the United States that Lebanese Hezbollah fighters in Syria are using US armored personnel carriers originally supplied to the Lebanese Army, a senior Israeli military officer said on Wednesday.

Hezbollah’s shows US made APCs in first-ever military parade on foreign soil, held in the Syrian city of Qusayr.

Hezbollah’s shows off US made M113 APCs in first-ever military parade on foreign soil, held in the Syrian city of Qusayr. – Social media

The US State Department said last month that the American embassy in Beirut was working to investigate images on social media purporting to show Hezbollah, which supports President Bashar Assad, displaying US military equipment in Syria. Continue Reading »

Largest military aid package to Israel in US history delayed by White House


Whereas US Ambassador Dan Shapiro said the US aid package demonstrates US commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region, President Obama is delaying the signing of the agreement due to a conflict with the US Senate, that thinks it’s inadequate.

By Itamar Eichner


US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said that the US will be singing its largest ever aid package to Israel, and that the aid package will cover all of Israel’s security needs until 2029.

He was speaking at the opening of the 15th World Summit of International Institute for Counter Terrorism at the Herzeliya Interdisciplinary Center on Sunday. Continue Reading »

Analysis: Is former PM/DM Barak’s allegation that Bibi endangered Israel correct?


Former Defense Minister Barak criticized PM Netanyahu for not having accepted the US station advanced weapons in Israel, something which may have presented a significant leap in Israeli technological & operational capabilities, as well as upgrading the security cooperation between the two countries.

By Alex Fishman


A year and a half ago, the professional leadership of the Israeli security apparatus, with the support of Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, gave a recommendation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the aid proposal that Israel would receive as a result of the nuclear deal with Iran.In addition to increasing the amount of aid for the next decade, the US proposal included other deals which would have had dramatic impacts on security cooperation between the two countries and on Israel’s strategic abilities. Continue Reading »

Analysis: Caroline Glick outlines why Israel now needs to pass on U.S. aid


The current US military aid package is really a deal for Lockheed Martin, not for Israel, and we need to say ‘no’ since it’s structured to dangerously diminish Israel’s strategic independence.

Column one: Time to walk away from US aid


On Monday, acting head of the National Security Council Yaakov Nagel will sit down with his US counterpart, Susan Rice, and try to conclude negotiations about a new, multi-year defense assistance package.

To prevent the F-35’s single engine from melting down, the weapons bays must be opened every 10 minutes, negating its stealth systems. – Photo: LOCKHEED MARTIN

We must all hope that he fails. Continue Reading »

Obama frustrated over necessity of Israel’s qualitative military edge


Frustrated over snags in Saudi arms deal, Obama showed his anger over a US law, requiring Defense Department’s guarantee that weapons sales to Mideast nations must comport with the US’s pledge of keeping Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region.



WASHINGTON — Frustrated over a stall in an arms sale to Saudi Arabia, Obama once questioned the necessity of maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Monday.

US President Barack Obama speaks at the Righteous Among the Nations Award Ceremony, organized by Yad Vashem, at Israel’s Embassy in Washington January 27, 2016.

Continue Reading »

Report: US-Israel 10-yr military aid package deal near agreement


Newly appointed Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman met with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in Washington Sunday to discuss “regional security challenges in the Middle East and areas of mutual defense cooperation.”

By i24news


A new 10-year US military aid package to Israel is on the verge of completion after a year of stuttering, back-and-forth negotiations between the two countries, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter meets with Israel’s Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman June 20, 2016- Photo: U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Clydell Kinchen/DOD

Citing a senior Israeli official in Washington, the Post reports that Monday’s meeting between new Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his US counterpart Ashton Carter went well, and that Israel does not want to wait until President Barack Obama has left office, as had been previously reported. Continue Reading »

83 Senators Send Obama Letter to Enrich ‘Support & Help Israel Defend Itself’


In an initiative led by Rep. Lindsey Graham & Dem. Chris Coons, 83 signatories (of 100) that did not include Sen Bernie Sanders, called upon Obama to ‘support & help provide Israel the resources it requires to defend itself.’

By Reuters


More than four-fifths of the US Senate have signed a letter urging President Barack Obama to quickly reach an agreement on a new defense aid package for Israel worth more than the current $3 billion per year.

Majority of Senate pushes Obama to boost Israel aid.

Eighty-three of the 100 senators signed the letter, led by Republican Lindsey Graham and Democrat Chris Coons. Continue Reading »

Sec. of State Kerry asked to probe Israel for ‘human rights violations’


view videoDid Israeli leaders condemn IDF soldier after shooting subdued Palestinian terrorist to pre-empt negative outcome of letter sent to Sec. of State Kerry last month, that called for investigation into alleged extrajudicial killings & torture by Israeli soldiers, that if proven, would nullify future military aid to Israel?

By i24news


Eleven US lawmakers – long-serving Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy and ten House representatives – sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry urging him to investigate alleged Israeli and Egyptian violations of human rights, political news site Politico reported on Tuesday.

Sen. Leahy calls to investigate Israeli… by i24news-en

Politico obtained a letter dated February 17 in which the legislators raised claims of human rights abuses, including accusations of extrajudicial killings by both Israel and Egypt. Continue Reading »

US Congress Seeks to Fund Israeli Anti-Tunnel Tech For Use On Mexican Border


US gov’t sees partnership in the new Israeli-made tunnel detection technology a solution to halt illegal immigration from Mexico.

Israel Today Staff


Israel’s defense establishment is soon expecting an influx of US funds to complete work on an advanced anti-tunnel system that will hopefully prevent future terrorist incursions from the Gaza Strip.

IDF soldier surveys Hamas terror tunnel constructed to invade Israel with Palestinian terrorists. – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The American Congress approved involvement in the Israeli project already last summer, and Washington has now agreed to match the Israeli government’s financial contribution by transferring $120 million, according to Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot. Continue Reading »