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US Army looks at Israel’s short-range missile interceptor for European defense


The US Army has its eyes on purchasing the Tamir missile, used in the Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System, to incorporate it into Europe’s air defenses against any possible future Russian expansion.

By Reuters

The United States has tested the short-range interceptor missile used by Israel’s Iron Dome system with a view to incorporating it or a future American counterpart in European-based air defense against Russia, a US Army general said on Monday.

Iron Dome in action – Photo: AP

Developed with funding help from Washington, Iron Dome has had a 90 percent shoot-down rate against Palestinian rockets, Israeli and US officials say. Continue Reading »

Israel Navy successful in live-fire interception test of ‘Naval Iron Dome’


The Tamir interceptor system was designed to protect and defend Israeli economic assets at sea, such as its offshore natural-gas rigs.

By i24news


The IDF has conducted a successful live-fire interception test of its Tamir weapons system, which it describes as a “sea-borne Iron Dome”.

Successful live-fire test of its Tamir navel weapons system, which it describes as a ‘sea-borne Iron Dome’. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The system can be installed aboard navy vessels and is intended to protect Israeli economic assets at sea, including gas rigs.

The test was conducted a few weeks ago from aboard the INS Lahav naval vessel, with a number of test rockets fired from onshore and successfully intercepted by the Tamir interceptor, which works in tandem with Adir radar systems. Continue Reading »