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Female IDF Soldier: Haredi man spat on me and my mother

IDF soldier says man spat on her & her mom while the 2 were sitting inside their car in Jerusalem.
Police scanned the area, searching.

By Yoav Zitun


Suspect was photographed by soldier Photo: Haleli Yitzhak

Suspect was photographed by soldier Photo: Haleli Yitzhak

A female IDF soldier filed a police complaint against a haredi man whom she claims spat on her and her mother while the two were sitting inside their car on the Bar Ilan road in Jerusalem.

Police scanned the area but could not trace the man. “I felt helplessness and frustration,” Haleli Yitzhak said.

According to the soldier, the haredi man shouted the words “Good women, good women” at her and then spat at her mother. Continue Reading »

IDF Begins to Draft Hareidi, Ultra-Religious Youth

The IDF will draft hareidi ultra-religious 16-19 year-olds, but “will wait till after elections” for 20-28 year-olds, Defense Minister Barak says.

By Chana Ya’ar


The IDF will begin to draft hareidi-religious 16 to 19-year-olds, but “will wait till after elections” for 20 to 28 year olds, says Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

The IDF will send out the orders within the next few weeks, summoning about 15,000 hareidi-religious Jews for interviews at induction centers, Barak said at a Knesset committee hearing on Monday.

The IDF’s Netzach Yehuda combat battalion and the Shachar high-tech training unit were two of the hareidi service programs Barak said would be expanded to meet the increased recruitment of hareidi-religious Israelis. Continue Reading »

Ultra-Orthodox men spit & verbally assault young woman on public bus

Haredi  men curse & spit at woman traveling on an Egged bus from Ramat Gan to Nes Ziona after she refuses their demand to move to the back of the bus • Egged bus company reports that its driver told them she doesn’t have to move.

Shlomie Diaz


The controversy over the exclusion of women in Israel resurfaced on Thursday when Dolev Karazi, a young woman who boarded an Egged bus in Ramat Gan, claimed that ultra-Orthodox men told her to sit at the back of the bus and proceeded to curse and spit at her.

Dolev Karazi endured a frightening ride on a Egged bus on Thursday when haredi men tried to force her to move to the back of the bus.

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How to dismantle the IDF

Who will tell the Haredim how to serve, who will dare to dictate conditions of service to them? To them it’s the army of the czar, who drafted them into its ranks against their will, by force.


Who is opposed to eliminating terror, who is opposed to equal sharing of the burden. We’re all unanimously in favor, nobody is opposed. My friends and I once also made the demand for conscription of the Haredim (ultra-Orthodox) a top priority, but that was a long time ago, decades ago, and eventually I changed my mind. Not because I have become wiser since then, but because I opened my eyes. Continue Reading »

Forbes presents: The richest rabbis in Israel

Descendents of the Baba Sali known for working miracles – which seem to include accumulating bills and coins – top the list.

Descendents of Rabbi Israel Abuhatzeira, or “the Baba Sali,” a renowned Kabbalist who immigrated to Israel from Morocco and founded his court in Netivot, are known as righteous men, knowledgeable in Kabbalah, and miracle workers – though it is possible that their miracle is accumulating bills and coins.

Two of the “admorim” (admor is an acronym in Hebrew for our master, our teacher, and our rabbi ) from the Abuhatzeira dynasty top the list of wealthiest rabbis published by Forbes Israel this week, as part of a comprehensive briefing on the “Baba” economy in Israel. Continue Reading »

IDF to establish three new ultra-Orthodox battalions ahead of new enlistment law

Military drawing up plans for mass recruitment of ultra-Orthodox men after successor to Tal Law goes into effect.


The Israel Defense Forces is preparing to absorb large numbers of ultra-Orthodox conscripts in anticipation of a new law setting out the terms of Haredi enlistment. The army has withdrawn its years-long opposition to the creation of new separate units, and is proposing the establishment of three new Nahal Haredi battalions that can be integrated into combat forces.

Ultra-Orthodox soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces.

Ultra-Orthodox soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces.

The army’s plan for taking on large numbers of yeshiva students after the successor to the Tal Law goes into effect was presented on Sunday, in broad outline, to a committee evaluating alternatives to that law, which the High Court of Justice declared unconstitutional. Continue Reading »

US: Woman fired by haredim for being ‘too busty’

NJ resident Lauren Odes says ultra-Orthodox employers at lingerie warehouse fired her due to breast size, ‘provocative clothing’


A New Jersey woman said on Monday that she was dismissed from a temporary job at a New York lingerie warehouse because her male employers felt she was too busty and dressed too provocatively for the workplace.

Wearing a form-fitting sequined black dress and black leather, sequin-studded boots, Lauren Odes, 29, said her Orthodox Jewish employers at Native Intimates told her that outfit and others like it were “too hot” for the warehouse.

“We should not be judged by the size of our breasts or the shape of our body,” Odes said. Continue Reading »

Belgian health minister irked by Israel deputy minister’s refusal to shake hands

Laurette Onkelinx posts ‘My hands are clean!” on her official Facebook page, adding only an Iranian refused to shake hands with her before.

Belgium’s health minister said she was “profoundly troubled” by the behavior of her Israeli counterpart, Yaakov Litzman, after the haredi Orthodox minister refused to shake her hand at a conference.


Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, May 18, 2012.

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman - Photo by Ilan Assayag

Litzman, Israel’s deputy minister for health, belongs to the haredi Torah Judaism party and considers it forbidden to touch members of the opposite sex.

“My hands are clean!” read a text that appeared on the official Facebook site of the Belgian health minister Laurette Onkelinx. Continue Reading »

Ultra-Orthodox, Arabs refuse to join equal draft law committee

The new law will replace the interim Tal Law, which grants draft deferrals to the ultra-Orthodox.

There were no official ultra-Orthodox or Arab representatives present on Monday at the first meeting of the committee tasked with crafting a law governing the draft.

The new law will replace the interim Tal Law, which grants draft deferrals to the ultra-Orthodox. The High Court of Justice has found that law to be unconstitutional and ruled that it cannot be extended once it expires July 31.

Monday’s meeting was a “historic moment as well as an opportunity to change the agenda in the State of Israel,” said Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz. Continue Reading »