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Technion Preparatory Program Prepares Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox for Hi-Tech

Newly opened university preparatory program is designed to open the hi-tech workforce for the hareidi.

By Ari Yashar


Amid high tensions over the integration of hareidi-religious Jews into the IDF and the workforce, Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology has inaugurated a mechina (university preparatory) program specifically designed to attract more hareidim into its hi-tech programs.

Technion program for hareidi – Screenshot

While hareidi schools are supposed to teach 55%-75% “core studies,” including science and math, the website No Camels reports that many hareidi schools do not follow the guidelines, teaching a curriculum that emphasizes Torah study to the omission of secular studies. Continue Reading »

MK Porush: Israel Won’t be a Home for All Jews If Gov’t Forces IDF Enlistment

MK Meir Porush: If Torah students are forced to enlist, ‘We will tell the world this won’t be a national home for Torah observant Jews.’

By Maayana Miskin



If hareidi-religious Jews are forced to enlist in the IDF, many Jews will no longer see Israel as their home, MK Meir Porush (Yahadut Hatorah) has warned.

Porush met recently with French Ambassador to Israel Cristophe Bigot. During the meeting, Bigot asked Porush what the hareidi-religious community in Israel thinks of the government’s plan to require more hareidi men to enlist in the army.

Porush began by explaining the hareidi-religious view of Torah study. Continue Reading »

High Court demands gov’t explain tax exemption for only yeshiva students

High Court Justices order state to explain why only the yeshiva students are exempt from municipal tax where as students living in dormitories or other educational institutions are not exempt.

The head of the Hebrew University Student Union says the new regulation is discriminatory.

Edna Adato


High Court justices Elyakim Rubinstein, Yoram Danziger and Uri Shoham issued a decree on Thursday ordering the state to explain within the next four months why yeshiva students are exempt from paying municipal tax while students living in dormitories at other educational institutions are not.

According to a regulation implemented last year, yeshiva students are exempt from paying municipal tax, while students living in dormitories at other educational institutions are not.

Continue Reading »

Zionist Rabbi Teaches: ‘Equal Burden’ Means More Work for Everyone

Leading Zionist Rabbi warns that forcing hareidi men to join the IDF could become a bigger burden to the army. He suggests learning from kibbutz, for alternative idea.

By Maayana Miskin


Coercing hareidi-religious men into joining the IDF could make life harder for all Israelis by creating a burden on the military, Rabbi Zalman Baruch Melamed warned Wednesday, speaking to Arutz Sheva. Rabbi Melamed is a leading figure in the religious-Zionist world, where army service is valued as a mitzvah (positive command) and is dean of the Beit El Yeshiva in Binyamin as well as rabbi of the community. Continue Reading »

IDF Begins to Draft Hareidi, Ultra-Religious Youth

The IDF will draft hareidi ultra-religious 16-19 year-olds, but “will wait till after elections” for 20-28 year-olds, Defense Minister Barak says.

By Chana Ya’ar


The IDF will begin to draft hareidi-religious 16 to 19-year-olds, but “will wait till after elections” for 20 to 28 year olds, says Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

The IDF will send out the orders within the next few weeks, summoning about 15,000 hareidi-religious Jews for interviews at induction centers, Barak said at a Knesset committee hearing on Monday.

The IDF’s Netzach Yehuda combat battalion and the Shachar high-tech training unit were two of the hareidi service programs Barak said would be expanded to meet the increased recruitment of hareidi-religious Israelis. Continue Reading »