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Survey: Young Arabs Less Obsessed with Israel-Palestinian conflict than ever before

The 7th annual Arab youth survey has shown that common attitudes of the past decade are shifting drastically away from the Israel-Arab conflict.

By Matt Wanderman


A new survey of Arab youth promises to be the clearest insight yet into public attitudes in the Middle East today. The Seventh Annual ASDA’A Burson-Marsteller Arab Youth Survey found that young Arabs are opening up to new ideas and are changing their attitudes towards the West.

The pollsters questioned 3,500 Arabs between the ages of 18 and 24. The respondents came from 16 different countries and were split evenly between men and women. Continue Reading »

The Real Apartheid in the Middle East

Arab/Muslim apartheid comes in many forms, and too many victims have been subjected to multiple forms.



In light of Israel Apartheid Week, which hit cities and campuses throughout the world recently, supporters of the Jewish state find it difficult to agree on the best response to this hate fest. Some suggest emphasizing Israel’s peacemaking efforts, others propose rebranding the country by highlighting its numerous achievements and success stories. Still others advocate reminding the world of “what Zionism is – a movement of Jewish national liberation – and what it isn’t –racist.” Each of these approaches has its merits yet none will do the trick.

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Study reveals the Sum of all fears: Arabs read an average of 6 pages a year

An Arab League study of readers by nations, the United Arab Emirates placed 5th behind Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco & Iraq. In the UAE, just 22% of people described themselves as regular readers.

By Ikram al-Yacoub/Al Arabiya

There are some readers for whom obtaining a first edition copy of their favorite book or author is of great import and this is evidenced by people standing in long lines to get their hands on new books. While this may be a common site in the West, many believe this is not the case in the Arab world.

Arab Thought Foundation’s Fikr released its fourth annual cultural development report that said an Arab individual on average reads a quarter of a page a year compared to the 11 books read by an American and seven books by a British person. (Reuters)

There is a common perception too about the number of Arabs that frequent libraries.

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68% of Arab-Israelis prefer to live in Israel

Survey by Haifa University shows over two-thirds of Arab-Israelis are resigned to living in a Jewish state, but 63% don’t think it’s fair


Some 80% of Arabs living in Israel blame Jews for the Nakba, but 60% of them are resigned to Israel as a state with a Jewish majority, the Index of Arab-Jewish Relations for 2011, conducted by Prof. Sami Samuha of the University of Haifa shows.

The full results of the survey, which Samuha has run annually for the last 30 years, are due to be announced at a university conference on Thursday.

Despite the fact that most of the respondents accepted Israel as a majority Jewish state, 63% of Arabs polled believe that it was not fair. Continue Reading »

Ultra-Orthodox, Arabs refuse to join equal draft law committee

The new law will replace the interim Tal Law, which grants draft deferrals to the ultra-Orthodox.

There were no official ultra-Orthodox or Arab representatives present on Monday at the first meeting of the committee tasked with crafting a law governing the draft.

The new law will replace the interim Tal Law, which grants draft deferrals to the ultra-Orthodox. The High Court of Justice has found that law to be unconstitutional and ruled that it cannot be extended once it expires July 31.

Monday’s meeting was a “historic moment as well as an opportunity to change the agenda in the State of Israel,” said Vice Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz. Continue Reading »